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She Had A Nascar Lyrics

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Go race!

[Verse One]:
It's the National Association
Of Stock Car Auto Racin'
And it's so amazin'
I got hooked on it from this girl I'm datin'
Hick chick
Thick as hell
Met her at a bar down in A.T.L.
I bought her a drink, she said, "I like the taste.
But I can't talk to you until after the race."
"If that's the case, then baby what's the deal?
I don't understand NASCAR, what's the thrill?"
She said, "What?! It's speed, power, passion."
"To me it's just a bunch of white boys in traffic."
She laughed and she said, "Shut up and watch.
That's Jeff Gordan goin' for the number one spot.
If the 48 car gonna win this race,
Then me and you son, goin' back to your place."

She told me she drove a fast car
She was flier than the chick at the last bar
So she took me to my crib, it wasn't that far
We fell asleep on my couch watchin' Nascar

[Verse Two]:
Let's go
We talked all night till the break of dawn
She said, "I might as well stay cause the race is on."
I said, "That's cool. I'ma take me a nap.
I ain't watchin' these fools do 500 laps."
She said, "It's not that it's the number of miles.
It goes by fast, just watch for awhile.
The average speed is a 180."
I watched for awhile, "These white boys crazy?!"
All up on the wall, smashin', turnin'
Every half hour, crashin', burnin'
I was learnin'
She was teachin'
Rules, points, the different teams
Hendrick, Penske, Childress, Roush
First I didn't know what she was talkin' about
Pretty soon, it started to connect
But then I remembered I was tryin' to have sex


[Verse Three]:
My pole position, her Busch series
We did it from the back so she could see clearly
I had to back of it, yellow flag caution
Made a quick pit, green flag awesome
Change rubbers, now I got grip
Slow on them curves, huggin' them hips
Didn't slip, I was in the groove
She started runnin' hot so I made my move
No long term, I go for the cup
Full throttle, I opened her up
Balls to the wall, redlining
The last two laps is all about timin'
Hold my place, stayed in the chase
Right on pace, about to win this race
Checker flag, now she's screamin' my name
We watch recaps from victory lane


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