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Slum Chemist Lyrics

from God Of The Serengeti

"Slum Chemist" is track #2 on the album God Of The Serengeti.
"Slum Chemist" is track #2 on the album God Of The Serengeti.

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I know how people fuckin' think out there and fuck, it's gotta be that way. They gotta tell ya that 'Thou shalt not kill' shit n' all that. But that's not the way the world works 'cause I'm out there every fuckin' day livin' it. Who the fuck knows what God wants?

We can be as different as we wanna be, but you can't kill people!

Says who?!

The God of the Serengeti
The Lion King
Boxcutter Pazzy


Verse 1:

I like to (??), consider me the bad guy
Big guns everywhere, bullets (??) pass by
My blood 'G' code, never seen my dad cry
And I'ma bleed your block 'till the cash dry
You live in fuckin' Babylon and ask why
Your arms too short to box God, that's why
So watch your big mouth turn into a cracked eye
Watch your big house turn into a smashed sty
Send 'em to the devil, let his ass fry
Heavy metal on another level that's I
I let my young boy trash you from bad vibes
Reincarnated rat from a past life
I drink a 40, ????? then I grab Syze
For every (??) cop, Vinny stash five
You askin' for forgiveness? You should ask (??)

Chorus: X2
It's Vinny P
I'm the biggest dog in the yard
It's Vinny P
Ain't no one can fuck with the God
It's Vinny P
You should never fuck with the monster
It's Vinny P
You crash like la-la-la-bamba

Verse 2:
This is forty-five caliber flow
Pound my chest like a gorilla so all the other savages know
Im ravenous though
Jack you with the rachet for dough
Marquis de Sade a painful sado-masochist flow
We tappin' your ho
And keep the biscuit where I (?)
Pussy (?) bitches askin' where this faggot dick at
I ain't never left the fuckin' crib without the (?)
Ain't nobody above a homicidal (?)
If you've got the Army gear then you need the boots
If you're talkin' bout an Army then you need the troops
It's all war over here, I never seen a truce
I'm callin' Maserati Mazzi, I don't mean a coupe
This here? This the duffel that I carry bones
Pistolvania most underrated since Larry Holmes
I run with a bunch of (?) and they carry chrome
Here's a body bag to put the pussy that you carry home

Chorus: 2X

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