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So Excited Lyrics

feat. RONNIE

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Verse 1.
I need it right now, I'm impulsive, she wanna give me all she got like a hold up. She shooting off at the mouth head holster. I'm shooting back, It's a stand off, homegirl, body like a vacay, can I get a brochure? She said Are you really from New York? I said "Ya body from the UK? so when I touch ya, Do I need a passport?" My future look good, fast forward. She said I stole her heart, no I asked for it. And the flow's on steroids, MINE, But there's a app for it. I'm young pretty and a asshole, ghostwriter, Dan Aykroyd. Missile launch, destroy- Target? Box, I don't mean Floyd.

body look good from head to toe
she can do the job professional
anything u want i told u so
that girl blow my mind
i don't care bout the cheddar
body like a vaca down for watevrer
got me so excited baby
Im so
im so (excited)
(i can be excited)
Im so im so (excited)
im so excited im im so
ahh ahh ahh ahhh
im so you got me yeah
you got me oh so (excited) excited baby
that girl blow my

Verse 2.
I'm not a perfect gentlemen and I got a lot of energy, Riddlen. Top down, she smiling, while I flash the heat Pippa Middleton..... Stack of big face Benjamin's, couple credit cards, It's still innocent. Till Patron come out and we sprinkle it, then the monsters out, her come the gremlins...... I'm Frat boy wasted... black boy got his own spaceship- We never seen him before he's from the future. Yessir and everybody else basic. Touch it, Taste it. Hold it, don't waste it. It's so exciting ain't it? Now f*ck me, I'm famous!

Verse 3.
I love how ya face look- It all started with do you have a facebook? She on the dancefloor rapping a mase hook, I got behind her , she backed it up like ---

Back, Back, Back, Back, Back, Back it up
Back, Back, Back, Back, Back, Back it up
Back, Back, Back, Back, Back, Back it up
Back, Back, Back, Back, Back, Back it up

Verse 3. (Continued)
Aim for the top, never for the ground, live life on the edge never look down. I'm never in town, Always outta town. I'm always on her mind, hear me walk around. I do anything to see her smile-Parked the Maybach, take it underground. On the train wit the gangsters, her whole world stop when I come around.

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