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Someone's Always Saying Goodbye Lyrics by Toni Gonzaga

Someone's Always Saying Goodbye lyrics

Why do people fall in love
And then end up crying
Why do lovers walk away from themselves
When their hearts are breaking
Why does lovin sometimes never stay long
Why does kissing this time mean youll be gone
Why does gladness become sadness
Things that I dont get

Someones always sayin goodbye
I believe it hurts when we cry
Dont we know partings never so easy
And with all the achings inside
I believe some hearts will survive
Tryin hard to pretend that were gonna be fine

I could never really love
Someone else but you
(No one else but you)
I have never wanted anything else
But a love so true
But just like a dream that comes in the night
In the morning you were out of my sight
Turned away from me, sadly as I see
Away from where I stand

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus to fade)

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