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Somewhere Out There Lyrics

Somewhere out there in the world tonight
Just out of my reach
I hear your heart beat

It was comin' in loud and clear tonight
Poundin' in my brain
I was callin' out your name

In the darkness somethin' binds you
To me, so that I can find you
When you want me I would be there
Waitin' on you, somewhere out there

Somewhere there in your heart tonight
We had never gone
An' you are not alone

And it's tearin' me all apart alright
But girl what can I do
When I'm so far from you

And when I lay me down to sleep
My one and only prayer is you keep
Safe from harm till I get
Wherever you are, somewhere out there

And if you're sad, if you're lonely
If you're scared, if you're only
Tired of fightin', seekin' shelter
Just hold on, I'm somewhere out there

I'm somewhere out there in the world tonight
Just out of your reach
You'll hear my heart beat

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