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Speculationz Lyrics

from The Green Book

"Speculationz" is track #8 on the album The Green Book. It was written by Jamie Spaniolo, Paul Methric.
"Speculationz" is track #8 on the album The Green Book. It was written by Jamie Spaniolo, Paul Methric.

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You're where you want to be and you're doing what you want to do in your mind. [sample] (repeats multiple times throughout song)
Pop that shit out, bitch.
Speculation has it that I'm the feakiest one,
I like to rip out my tongue and spit the black magic
and I'm supppsed to be fuckin' some crack addict without a rubber?
and I already got a babby by your mother?
they say I'm signed by a wizard of sorts
and my mama, she was a banshee that was drowned by the courts
say my little brother Jamie is dead and in the grave
and that I'm all alone and afriad
and everthing I gave has been so underestimated
I've been hated by generations for having conversations with people who didn't make it
how could I fake it?
I'm a monster, remember me the weirdo with the axe from another galaxy?
I keep a blender in my kitchen filled to the rim with the blood and spit suspisions of me drinkin' it up,
slow the fuck scatterzones get out my kool-aid
I'm blastin' away from all you hatters, hit me on my two way

Besides some bullshit fallin' down, I'm ok. (x4)

Speculation has it that I'm a drunk and a drug addict
a shit talker always tryin' to start static
a boarderline faggot with long fingernails
either that or he's a coke head, but I don't think he cares
Speculation has it that I've already engaged in sexual fatasies with me and Gwen Stefani
I'm video tappin' in the nettin' down down lows
Speculation is called is the one who gets boned
I can't escape it, mistake it or fake it out
look you in the face as if I don't know what you talkin' 'bout
The speculation you haerd that I don't spit on nobodys shit but no dough hattin'
and many mouths to feed and many personalities in me lookin' to get P-A-I-D
Is it lie or is it truth? You can put that on our skills,
they stay snug like my Batman suit.

Besides some bullshit fallin' down, I'm ok. (x4)

We smash the plastic if I have to blast to pack it
Get 'em up, hit 'em up
Speculation's hateration, me an' Twiztid don't give a fiznuck
''cause we gonna' stake an' take it up a state an' smash it indipendantly
with a dedicated ass fan base that'll do a motherfucker in for me
But see they just don't know. I be rappin' too fast, they just be listenin' too slow.
I'll be spittin' sluggish, E-40, who oughtta' be spittin' thugish
E-40 be representin' the bottle up in a cop and got through poppin'
There ain't no stoppin' a pimp, walk with a limp, elbows on bid, puffin' on hits, sittin' on sits, sippin' on sips, dippin' the skate and bouncin the shit.
me an' Twiztid be twisted, me an' Twiztid be down, me an' Twiztid be blissed, me an' Twiztid be stoned.
Gone out our head, dead, dead wrong, smokin' turtle, beattin' on our chest like King Kong.
Conversatin', packin' an' pokin', I thought I was slangin' but dang!
Tryin', persuadein' this liquor into givin' me brains.

Besides some bullshit fallin' down, I'm ok. (x4)
Who cares what the thinlk about you.
Besides some bullshit fallin' down, I'm ok. (x4)


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