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Stay Far Lyrics

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Shawnizzle, aint no loaftin
In Life, we waah, have di most ting
Ghetto yute fi get rich, rich rich
Money nuff like a we own di factory
(weh mi seh)
Rich! Rich! Rich!
Money, nuff like leaf pon tree

A beg yuh stay far out a dem way
Cah mi know dem afta me
Waah see mi go inna di cemetery
Dat dem naah go see

A beg yuh stay far out a dem way
Cah mi know dem afta me
Waah mix mi inna dem passa passa ting
Like fi dem problem a fi me

Mi floss mi own floss
Pull mi own glass
Me a mi own don!
Mi nuh tek press, wah duh those, mi nuh clothe
Me a mi own man!
All when a mi alone pass
Di black truck blass
Di gal dem nuh see mi so long
Bank book thick like seh it a lift weights (Hulk Hogan)
So, mi nuh listen when the lip flies
Anuh far from the block(son) di chip flies
Some seh why di gully split ties?
Mi see seh dem a some sick guys


Serious wid mi thing mi nuh laugh
Mi nuh smile, mi nuh grin
As God make him son die for us through the ways of sin
So when yuh see mi inna di studio
Is a serious thing
Mi serious, mi deh a lead
Talk to di dust from mi rim


Repeat VERSE 1


Mek dem so evil
All dem good fi do
A fight gainst people
Yah, Yah, Yah

Donated by Kaldren

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