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Still Livin' Lyrics

from Baby Face Killa

"Still Livin'" is track #2 on the album Baby Face Killa.
"Still Livin'" is track #2 on the album Baby Face Killa.

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What you know, boy? (x14)
I'm still livin' like a dope dealer
And these streets ain't got no mercy on a broke nigga
Gangsta Island, so all my niggas gang bangers
Come get your cook up,
I came up with the cane slangers
And I grew up
Next door to the dope man
Cherry red CL Coupe, clean as a coke can
DEA be doin' surveillance they in the dope van
Nowadays they pay Walter Payton, that's 34 bands
Yea, I'm still livin' like a jack boy,
Got your family wrapped up in tape, I'm bout the sack, boy
And I heard it ain't where you're from, it's where you're at boy
Make sure every place that I'm at, next to the strap, boy
Killin' em,
Shit from these verses, put hoes in hearses and these fuckers need some product to purchase
Some at their service
Used to sell my L on the Nextel, play for those chirpers
And no doubt we don't check out CTE and they close the curtain and I'm,

[Still, I'm still livin' like a dope dealer,
Finger on the trigger, I ain't takin' shit from no nigga
Still, I'm still livin like a dope boy,
Wrappin' up the pack of drugs, traffic what you know, boy (and I'm)] (x2)

Still cashin' that dope check
Guns and contraband on the deck,
Streets said that I'm marked for death
I might be the one to get smoked next
Might fuck around, just might beat it down
That ass round and that throat wet
You a pussy boy, straight cold Tecs,
Got a hundred rounds, bitch hold that
Bitch hold that, bitch hold up,
Bitch, know what?, that a 4 bust
Bought a 14 of that straight hard
Served e'ry geeker that rolled up
That straight trap with no raps with me
OT but they pack with me
Moonwalkin' on dope, bitch, I know real niggas on Jackson Street
25th, 49th, Cali kush, overnight,
Come back to my store dawg, but make sure you got your order right
And my shop might close up so make sure you put your orders in
Just another day, another dollar, ducking court again
Wrappin up the pack of drugs, traffic what you know
Winter summer spring fall, nigga shovel snow
And if I could I'd dig a tunnel straight to Mexico,
Pass me my strap I think the police at my door because I'm

[Hook x2]


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