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Streets Still Calling Lyrics

feat. Twezzy & Twigg Martin

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Streets still calling

Ride ride, ride ride,
ride ride, ride ride,
Put your windows down
turn out the heat
come on
Ride ride, ride ride,
ride ride, ride ride


Im screaming money and nothing from the top of my lungs
riding with police behind me in a car full of drugs
I got one foot on the gas, one foot in front of the judge
my baby mama still tripping want every ounce of my blood
these haters hopin I die, my niggas hoping I blow
my homies die and the shell, I said them letter and so
Come on and step in my world, my life is realer then yours
I watch bullets explode that man brains on the wall
but this streets be calling, try to beg me to listen
lost faith in the game and so I change my religion
tryin to stack me a million and stay the fuck out of prison
on the day that Im buried, I hope my sins is forgiven
I know I need me a woman, Im addicted to whores,
got the mind of a soldier ready to ride for the corps
ready to lie on the stand, ready to die for my seeds
ready to die as man, and ever live on my knees.

Screaming fucking all the haters, mother fuck all these bitches
got no time for these hoes, I got my mind on my riches
tryin to stack me a million, and stay to fuck out the prison
But this streets still calling, gotta beg me to listen
Screaming fuck all these hater, mother fuck all this bitches
got no time for these hoes, I got my model my riches
tryin to stack me a million, and stay to fuck out the prison
But this streets still calling, gotta beg me to listen


Im screaming fuck all these haters, mother fuck all these bitches

These haters coming around bet Tweezie fuck all they bitches.
got some crack in the dishes I got some coke in the pot
a couple feins in the kitchen they doing dope in the spot
a nigga know that Im hot, there's no controlin' my fate
thats why I say my prayers when I put that work on my plate
And I pray, can you hear me Im just hoping that you listen
and I just sold me a couple bricks guess he granted my wishes
I done shot with precision done elluded them prisons
Im tryin to run the game, its hard to do when you sitting
now Im calling some shots affiliate with the mob
now nobody hard to reach all the takes is a call
no disregard for the law. these little niggas rebellin'
he eleven with the burner like what the fuck should I tell em
I told em go back to school, shawty pick up this weapon
then it picked up a pack that life he be reppin



Okay, now were rIding time, niggas spark for they team
still they focused on the arms while Im trying be a king
mafioso, young nigga but Ive been alive
yeah, five six but bangin like a nigga six five thats right
tryin to see a hundred milli, but you see these creeps will hate tho
wanna see you doing thangs but they just wanna see you meet your maker.
hail thy father for I pray to the above
b-fore Im facing you in person Ill be facing at a judge
send these slugs for these niggas, no love for these niggas
got no time for these hoes, only fucking this bitches yeah
money on my mind, but mines on another state
Grado told me grind all the time,
never hesitate instead, keep these niggas fed,
fuck is Mark Walburg..all these niggas dead
we just getting money fuck what other niggas said
they set up on top view, hustle hard fuck the feds till Im dead

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