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Stripes Lyrics

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[Chorus - Young Jeezy]
Run D MC, run D MC, if I'm riding low key I got that D on me
And nigga we don't care, because nigga life ain't fair
They go for thirty a piece, we sell them hoes by the pair (X2)
Run D MC, run D MC, run D MC, run D MC
And nigga we don't care, because nigga life ain't fair
They go for thirty a piece, we sell them hoes by the pair

[Verse 1 - Freddie Gibbs]
Yeah, stay on the grind so how you gone stick up the stick up man?
357 to the Teeth bitch I hope you pick up a dental plan
I got that Ochocinco, eight five for two hundred fifty grand
Drove that heroin straight from New York in my nigga minivan
Excuse me Mr. Officer, I been thinking about popping you
So you better not search this car, I'm so hot I'm off the thermometer
Fuck a threat, I promise you
I won't go back to jail
Seem like every time a nigga try to make a sale
These bitches go back and tell
This shit here fresh off the scale
White bitch send bricks in an M3
When I'm done breaking down this dope
I'ma beat that shit like a MP
Say they gone murk me for ten G's
That shit don't offend me
A nigga had striped before this rap shit
I run D and I MC


[Verse 2 - Young Jeezy]
I don't even use a tote, I just pull in the garage
Tony Montana shit, look like a mirage
Put the yay on the counter, about the give it a massage
I whip them bitches two at a time, yeah I menage
Car full of bags, looking like I been shopping
Vic' across the street, yeah them motherfuckers watching
Oh well, got to eat, that's why I cook it
This the Cooking Channel, give them niggas something to look at
I been riding all day, that's what my neighbors just told me
Six eight for the nine, bitch my neighbors might owe me
Riding so dirty, made the bird take a bath
But when it dried off it was a bird and a half

[Chorus] X2

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