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Struggle Lyrics

from Pon Di Gaza 2.0

"Struggle" is track #25 on the album Pon Di Gaza 2.0. It was written by Ainsley Morris.
"Struggle" is track #25 on the album Pon Di Gaza 2.0. It was written by Ainsley Morris.

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tada tada ta tata
fi di yute dem inna di struggle
tat tada tada
ghetto yute like di teacher
ya dig
tada tada ta tata
but we love life doh
tat tada tada

mi grow wid 4 sista one bredda
madda n mi fadda weh keep we togetha
altho ghetto life tough like leather
strong from beneath will survive any weather
to mi family pon di corna
we siddung an bill n burn marijuana
three mun a wish oneday fi get rich
gyal stop call mi addy now ah mr palmer
fi di yutes dem weh sleep pon di streetside
di gyal dem weh dance gogo gyal still keep yu pride
clothes and food haffi buy
nuh man nah gi yu nut'n
di system nah provide
fi di prisoner a gp, spanish town, horizon, guncourt, di boatside
di deathtrap yu fi avoid
from yu have life
house we live in an big bike we ride
dats why mi shed a tear fi all di thugs dat have died
sing along with me
dats why mi shed a tears fi all di thugs dat have died
sing we miss you
dats why mi shed a tears fi all di yutes dat have tried
dats why mi shed a tear
mi know dem try
mi love life

tada tada ta tata
tat tada tada
from yu cherish di life yu live
tada tada ta tata
tat tada tada
di most precious ting to mi

wen mi ah drive inna di lexxus
fi link ah gyal fi mek a flex just
like dat! Mi mind flash right back
too di days wen mi ah walk up n down n haffi tek bus
dem expect us
fi tun statistic
drop offah di census
ghetto yute dem wah fi kill first
di leaders of society
but a who a build us
gimme a light too
fi light mi spliff first
babylon cyant trick us
we guh school dem ah kick us
we went room dem evict us
but mi meditate like dis
mi meditate like dis
nuh matta wah gwan inna mi life
from mi have life everyting kriss


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