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Stuck at a Standstill Lyrics

from Balls and My Word

"Stuck at a Standstill" is track #9 on the album Balls and My Word. It was written by Johnson, Joseph / Jordan, Brad.
"Stuck at a Standstill" is track #9 on the album Balls and My Word. It was written by Johnson, Joseph / Jordan, Brad.

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These niggas is fuckin' with a dangerous game
Hey Joe, what's up baby?
Yeah, I like the beat

Ha ha ha
Hey, when you drop drums, I'ma drop rhymes, aight?
(Drop rhymes)
Nah, I don't need no count-off
Just drop the beat and I'm on it, aight?

I took my chances, when I did my dirt
And my advice to any nigga if you crimin', you do it worse
Just get enough and step the fuck back
'Cause in this game when you get fame

You gotta start dumpin' these agents off your nutsack
I'm just a nigga out the hood tryin' to have things
But when I got up on my feet you're screamin', "Brad changed"
And your excuse was that the money came

But my excuse was that you missed the plane, simple and plain
I got to show my homies love, though
I just don't fuck around with niggas that I don't know
And you can take that how you wanna take it

I'm from these muthafuckin' streets
And the same rules apply in this game, don't ever break it
Ain't my muthafuckin' luck
I'm all alone at the crack

And you niggas don't wanna try to attack
We steady dyin' over dumb shit, and me, I'm steady losin' my sleep
'Cause niggas ain't familiar with the rules of the streets
You're stuck

Stuck at a standstill
On the beat one time, come on
It don't stop
Give it to em

And to my niggas on the streets crimin'
(Watch for haters)
Stop sittin' on the sidelines and
(Get your paper)
Too many niggas complainin' pointin' fingers at the problems
That's why I hate my baby mama

I'm just a nigga from the very bottom
Skippin' classes, goin' 8 balls or the white powder
Tryin' to get it while the muthafuckin' gettin' good
The possibilities of movin' out my neighborhood

Don't get me wrong, I had them dreams too
But the only thing you do is get your cream, fool
Get your muthafuckin' green, fool
Niggas ain't knowin' 'bout the ins and the outs
First get in, then you get out, don't be stuck at a standstill

(You know to the 2, ah, 2-1)
(I was thinkin')
Rock the mob shit for niggas, come on y'all
(Need to, I don't know, maybe findin' new hustles)
(Like niggas is runnin' out of hustles, you know?)

When it's over don't nobody cry
Just enjoy it while you live life 'cause everybody gotta die
So when you see me I'll be hella high
Bendin' corners with my top down checkin' out the changes in the sky

Shootin' paper clips at Jupiter
The mo' I learn it's like I'm gettin' stupider, and stupider
Tryin' to make the best out of a fucked up decision
I'm just a nigga with a vision, which is

Gettin' up, gettin' out, gettin' my profits
Tryin' to stay away from these bitches that jock dick
Movin' up to move on, gotta stay true to it
That's just the way you gotta do it

And these niggas here is renegades, don't give a fuck
But if you're real, then you like it rough, nigga what?
You know it, you know what I'm sayin' is real
Now step the fuck off all those standstills 'cause you're stuck

Stuck at a standstill, stuck
To the beat one time
My nigga, Mike Dean

Johnson, Joseph / Jordan, Brad

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Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.


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