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Sweet Dreams Lyrics

feat. Beyonce Knowles & Nicki Minaj

"Sweet Dreams" was written by Wilkins, Wayne / Knowles, Beyonce / Love, Rico / Scheffer, J..
"Sweet Dreams" was written by Wilkins, Wayne / Knowles, Beyonce / Love, Rico / Scheffer, J..

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Every night I rest in my bed
Hopin' maybe I'll get a chance to see you when i close my eyes
I'm goin" out of my head
Lost in a fairy tale
Will hold my hands and be my guide
Clouds filled with stars cover the skies
and i hope it rains
You're the perfect lullaby (what kind of dream is this)
You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
Either way I dont wanna wake up
On this sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
Somebody pinch me, your loves to good to be true
My guilty pleasure I ain't goin' nowhere.
Baby long as your here, I'll be floatin' on air (Cause your my)
Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
Either way I, dont wanna wake up from you ( Turn the lights on)

Nicki Minaj:
Young money right here
right there, throw it up no high chair
Cold like a white bear
Freddy Cueger, im a rap b***h nightmare
And I'm rich I could buy you
Kill b***hes leave they body in a bayou
More brain than an IQ
more head than a dread (Myou)

And my bank account ain't hardly empty
Thats why i come thru in a Barbie Bentley
So please mamacita , please don't envy
When you come around it reads no entry
who's next to go ?
My flow so flexible
Get gas then get at me, Texaco
Shoot yourself in the leg, Plexaco
White jag with a twisted lip
I aint Mike Jack, but this is it
Boo boo boo Im everywhere
You like balloon boy
Mama you was never there
i am the kung fu panda
F**k all of your blogs, f**k all your propaganda
Good for the goose, then its good for the gander
Nicki ain't a rapper, Nicki is a brander
Please you can never compare to me
All these bitches is scared of me
I am who they couldn't even dare to be
So thats all folks (Daba dee)
I go hard core
Hospital flow get more gauze
Im a bad b***h on all fours
The president be like its all yours
Weezy and Nicki bring the A game high stats
Go together like Ricky and his eye patch
Go together like a team in the gym
Kareem in the ring
the queen and the king

Tattoo your name across my heart
and it will remain
not even death can make us part (No ceilings)
what kind of dream is this. . .

Lil Wayne:
Cush it out
Red bone, pussy mouth'
Eat you up, spit you out
fuck yo girl, in yo house
im terrible be careful
you might wanna say a prayer or two
so cold i need theraflu
im so high i need parachutes
im error proof
im never spooked
got my coupe
heaven blue
and my flag
red as hell
think its sweet as devil food
I never loose
my weapons used
fuck wit me wrong
she get ugly
Devin dude
she is the queen
two is a couple three is a scene
weezy that nigga that you see in your dreams
get the pussy wet or be the springs
im easter clean
shout to my home girl meeka means
anything we want we redeem
you niggas gassed up 93 supreme
Nicki Minaj is the hardest bitch
born in the orders bitch
she talk a whole lot of shit
walk around like she president 'bitch
and she be into barbie shit
and me im on the carter 6
and i can turn crumbs to bricks
and i can turn nuns to tricks
young mula baby
fu-fuck yo feelings
and this is no cielings


You could be a sweet dream
or a beautiful nightmare
either way I
dont wanna wake up with you
sweet dream
or a beautiful nightmare
some body pinch me
your love is to good to be true
my beauty pleasure
i aint goin nowhere
they be long as a hair
i'll be floatin on air
It could be a sweet dream
or a beautiful nightmare
either way I
dont wanna wake up with you


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