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Mellencamp John Cougar
Sweet Evening Breeze Lyrics

I was loud and a little sad
She was visiting from Atlanta, Georgia
She had come to spend the summer with me
I thought she was very pretty
We would kiss and hold hands
Every night by the football field
Her body was tan
>From the faternoons by the public swimming pool
Sweet evening breeze
Blows around my thoughts and memories
As I lie here today
And drink my tea
I can still see
Sweet evening breeze
I saw her in a coffee shop
In a big hotel down in Austin, Texas
She had cut her long hair off
And replaced it with
Blue eyes of sadness
Still acted like we were kids
And she told me that she had to marry
And she asked me if I did
Still remember
How redundant the future can be
These days of old are very, very
Ridiculous for me to see
When I think about the real gone stories
And now time holds the winning hand
I can tell by the lines on our faces
And the young can't understand
That they look at me
WHen they look at themselves

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