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Sweet Poison Lyrics

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Sweet Poison

Verse 1

Having you once a day is part of my prescription,
Il take an overdose so u can tranquilize me.
You type of syrup im addicted to,
I dont know is it the toxin that makes me feel good?
I love the way you put me to bed and blackout
The way you say ahh brings the haters to a halt Take you on the tour of the CBD,
We will burn a lot a fuel like im made of gasoline
You stand out in the desert like the UAE
When i open my eyes i see nobody but she
You the pleasure and the pain I persue to the end
Something like sweet poison but it want now Ive never seen an alien before...
But i girl i bet us is a UFO...
'Cause the love that u give me is so out of this world
Lets hop in your rocket u can take me to your planet


Im on the road, tryna impress you
But you like the gin without the juice..
You intoxicate my mind...
oh oh oh I been tryin to get you...
But your eyes is sharp as a knife
You stabbed me through the heart Verse 2 I got a headache
Shorty got me taking doses...
I had my lessons, but it seems i had no focus
She's my Juliet and I ges im Romeo taking poison,
Pain in the butt(nuh)...Pain in my srotum
The way she brings it on means trouble Your heart is on fire girl i need a stunt double
You turn my pants to rock and either way i will
I mean i will come for you...before you eat my heart
and leave me hallow
Picture perfect...But i tore it up and scrapped the pieces
Like mama mentioned...these girls suck you up like
I got say it, im into you like i posses you
Your game is squared up like chess...
You give me moves i can match to They say u gave my heart jab hits before i could blink
Your love is like a virus still messing up my link
All blacks soul you must be the devil on tea
Im emotional girl i need a shrink.



You heat to my world something like global
Then i stay up all night but you never see me yawning
Tie me to your bed and whip me real bad
Lets do it nasty then set a man trap
Never pass me over like the jewish holiday Let me put you to bed like the brother J Holiday
Suffocate a dude time 2, J Holiday
A couple of shorts will do make my day
You is a knock out girl 'cause you dim my lights
And i slide you through my lips i pass out...ouch
The sweetness comes from the crash Coumflage with the greens...Poison ivy
Bad habits but im looking at your preety wings
Sexual healing such a social convergence
Body and soul connect...
Like a hook and verse...
A hit track no1 on my playlist


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