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Swimming Pools Lyrics

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Okay now take a drink with me
and if you drink I hope that you don't fall up under the influence
'cause I've been under the influence of people that had no fluence,
and this is how I feel like I'm living in this ghetto,
where all they talk is nig latin and then they speak it fluent
if you living then they shoot you, and draining all your fluids,
if you ever know what I'm talking about then you've been through it,
I've been through it and so much through it that I am through it
all this things that they could say that they've done
I already did it or I do it, prove it,..nuve it, I just, I just gett it,
they could move it, I just move it this is more than a movement this is truth
state that I prove it if you ever been where I've been, this is like a bowel movement
how they keep on shittin on you, gettin' on two more,
life theyll never ever written on 2, I commit it I am did it,
I was hittin on you, when they creepin I was peaking, I was up while you was sleeping
they was sheeting I was never ever losing, never die, never woken
I was aching, living like up under the rock, no Satan it's been saken its been stating,
some forsaking, some our make it, some will make it,
some will not, some will be sacrificial lambs to,
those that feel like they could make it brother of em,
Abraham, son of Sam, son of man, son of han ham,
damn damn sandwich, no hold in the goal, and is stuck,
tryin to make it, tryin to ball, but you never know,
'cause if you make it now the first thing they say that you sold your soul,
soul is not for sale sale for soul and if the the solar system,
siles then I feel like I will soul and if they know
and everything they wanna go, fish fried no soul
gat, snap her I was at your basabasa I will rather
smack a rapper ??lapachapa?? and spit this f*ckin chapter till it's rapture time
I be at your mind, this this slap your mind, rap you mine,
detach everything that you had in your mind,
you grind but you still see, and you'll see but you still blind
if you Ray Charles and you Stevie Wonder then you will brail on my rhymes,
never fail real road, rail road Harriet Tubmen up this rap been underground still,
hopefully never get escape but if I'll make it free,
up north star Fredrick Douglas be my quote, quote, talk
if they rock it then I'll never see you both
Christopher Columbus if they try to sail, they will never make it to
me 1492 I will never understand no waters blue ..just blew inside
the eyes of owners of the slave slave owner
I condone her in my ID never say donate,
'cause I ain't giving shit, only thing that I'm giving is this living shit
these rappers just be acting like they in it too in it sue,
so Im vibin in it, in it, ghetto tin it, tin it,
rented house, never own, only an apartment and got really cool,
really soon so I'm deep diving inside this swimming pool,
swimming to, a, nother place that I don't know
and if I sink in the Atlanta hopefully I can inoculate
with those left as I implement the style
that I will give you with my breath,
hopefully the souls of those that have some
when I got through of those talk of passage when they lock and they stuck
I will raise and God damn it, this is panic, this is tragic,
this is in it, this is feeling up of a Jackson being departed,
like the no show of Janet, over the parture of Miko and I still just Mike Michael
and they say that my flow psycho, but its nitro and Im hype though and I know that anything I do
they say won't be good enough, in any place I go they still say that it ain't hood enough
but I was raised in Oakland and man if that ain't hood enough then ya niggas ain't open in,
to where I've been good enough,
shit, I done been through more than most of these rappers,
cause most of these rappers and they be lying about this shit they done did
they be talking about they ballin but still they won't take care of their kids
child support and I support I abort I, I support,
I, I fly, I tour and if I'm flyin north and flyin west the best
and yes in czech ..yes digest ..who spit it when I get it you can have it
freestyle king, open your eyes.

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