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Taco Song Lyrics

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No burritos just tacos no [x4]
no no no no...
can i have a burrito? no
can I have an enchilada? no
one fajita and 2 quesedillas? no no no
no no no no...
no enchiladas, no tostadas, no quesedillas, only tacos
no burritos just tacos no, no burritos just tacos no
no no no no...
a lamer la colita
Americano esta bailando,
Peruviano esta bailando
Nicaraguenze esta bailando
'Never Heard of It' esta bailando
no burritos just tacos no [x4]
no enchiladas, no quesedillas, no fajitas, no tostadas
Only Tacoooos
a lamer la colita
doot doot doo doo doo doo doo...
no burritos just tacos no, no burritos just tacos no
can I get a cheeseburger? No
can I get a...faaa.. no
Can I get anything? no
No no only tacos?
No no Tacos
No burrtios just tacos no
Only Tacos! [x4]

Sorry sir we're out of tacos [x6]

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