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Þad Sést Ekki Sætari Mey Lyrics

from Gling-Gló

"Þad Sést Ekki Sætari Mey" is track #9 on the album Gling-Gló.
"Þad Sést Ekki Sætari Mey" is track #9 on the album Gling-Gló.

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Thad lenti drtti, - It was quite a delay
ad mdir mn mig tti, - When my mother had me
thvi hn var svo gskid grey. - But then she's such a slender sort
En lknrinn var sttur, - The doctor was fetched
og loksins l hn dttur, - And finally her daughter was born
og thd sst ekki stari mey. - And none had ever seen a sweeter girl
En pabbi var sjalfur, - My father spent usually
sjnum alltaf hlfur, - His time at sea half-drunk
svo hann gat ekki lengur sagt nei. - But he could not deny me
Fyrst var hann mjg sleginn, - At first he was rather shocked
en seinna sagdi hann feginn. - But then he said, relieved
Ad thad sst ekki stari mey. - None shall ever see a sweeter girl
Stari mey, - Such a sweet girl
stari mey, - Such a sweet girl
nei thad sst ekki stari mey. - There is no sweeter girl
Og fyrr en mig vardi, - Before I knew it
hver strkur mig stardi, - Every boy would gaze at me
eins og stelpur gleym-mr-ei. - As girls gaze at Forget-Me-Nots
Their fru ad skjlfa, - They'd shiver
og sgdu vid sig sjlfa, - And say to themselves
hn er sorglega stygg, - She's hard to get -
en mjg trygg, ad g hygg, - But very loyal, I think
og thad sst ekki stari mey. - And there is no sweeter girl
g lrdi i bernsku, - I learned quite early
ad blikka finni ensku, - To speak proper English
og min sngrdd var sweet and gay. - And my song was sweet and gay
En vestur landi, - But while out west
g lenti hjnabandi. - I stumbled into marriage
Thad er sorglegt fyrir sidprda mey - It was sad for such a nice girl
Hann lagdi sinn vana, - He was used to
ad elska* Amerkana, - Loving American girls
svo g kyssti hann og sagdi OK. - So I kissed him and said OK
En illt var efni, - Then I discovered deceit
hann var damla svefni, - When he spoke in his sleep
og th reyndist hann, - And I found out
ramm islenskt grey. - He was very Icelandic after all
Islenskt grey, - Just a poor Icelander
islenskt grey, - Just a poor Icelander
sem sdist islenska mey. - Who wanted an Icelandic girl
En n er nnur ldin, - Everything has since changed
g dansa kt kvldin, - Now I go dancing every night
og thiy kalla mig gleym-mr-ei. - And boys call me Forget-Me-Not
Og piltarnir their skjlfa, - And they shiver
their segja vid sig sjlfa, - They say to themselves
nei, th setydir mr blossandi st. - No, you send me currents of love
Thvlkt hnoss! - Such luck!
Thvi thad sst ekki stari mey. - Since there is no sweeter girl.

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