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Take Charge Lyrics

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Intro-Bizzy (Krayzie)-
(Bone, Bone, Bone...) Uh uh, yeah, uh yeah. It's the original buddah lovaz. Thank God... for the message, the love the faith/ With that original buddah lova bomb shit baby. Please believe it. Bone Thugs N motherfuckin' Harmony, you motherfucker. Lots of love you bitches.

-Chorus-Bizzy & Wish-
Thank God for the message, the love, the faith/ Take charge of your life, life, life, life/ Say word, only I don't be actin' right/ Believe me...

Bizzy Bone
Did it, I do it, and ya'll know that I'm with it/ I'll give anything for past sinnin' and take it back/ A hustlin' little nigga with cash, but now we grind a little bit harder, harder/ My niggas stories in order/ Shit, it was hard for me Momma/ My mortal droppin' the borders/ My homie was damn fast, Heather was right behind you/ Cassy Cass that's my little sister, my father loved you like the only child/ Funny, he ain't never seen my smile but I'm grown now, Momma called me "bathroom baby" Get outta the young folk business, it would've been better if you would have raised me/ But oh, streets smothered in crack, smotherin' me and the brothers/ I wanna move outta this country, get away from motherfuckers/ Nine milimeter heater/ Krayzie Bone, I was so happy to see him up outta prison, up at the phone/ And I'm a lit one more up to the sky, my fate/ I got my little nigga Layzie Bone, Flesh N Bone, Wish N' B, Wish N' B

-Chorus-Bizzy & Wish-

Layzie Bone
Sometimes strugglin' hustlin' jugglin' the game, tryin' to keep from trouble and sin/ Wanna let this darkness evil in? No no no/ I won't let 'em win/ I'm a real nigga, thorough nigga, travel around the world wit'cha/ No stress, no pain/ No pain, no gain/ You get the picture? If everybody was movin', man it would really be about action/ Tell me what's happenin'? I'm a be that thug that's out here, keepin' it crackin' throwin' up "Thug Luv!"/ On the real my city with me, and Cleveland is the city where we come from still/ I got on my feet you go do what you got and apply yourself/Mess around and be by yourself, right with yourself, nigga look at yourself in the dark lost and lonely and trippin'/ Better get it straight 'fore it's too late/ It's a new day, so damn slippin'

-Chorus-Bizzy & Wish-

Krayzie Bone
Nigga, I done been through Hell and back, but I got them demons still after me/ They want me to sell my soul, but I won't fold, oh no/ I can't be broke, I stay a souljah boy/ In my state of awareness I'm callin' paranoid, whatever/ Po Po tappin' my phone, bitches after my dough, niggas plottin' to kill me for a ho I didn't know/ Was so scandolous is this my fault for gamblin? Temptation got my back against the wall, my God/ So I'm swingin' steady droppin' bombs on these demons that keep screamin'/ Hear my dreams, they callin' me harmin' me I'm seein'/ Walkin' in the rain (Rain) buzzin' off the pain (Pain) Tryin' top get away, but know I really can't get out the game/ I got my problems, but I chose this life, I gotta be a thug and maintain (I Maintain)

-Chorus-Bizzy & Wish-

Wish Bone
I been on this stuff, trippin'/ Got me laughin' at ya'll/ So what 'cha gon' do is really on you/ You know it really ain't that hard/ Got 'em screamin' "Hey DJ, can ya play that song?" Askin' the dippin' nigga trippin' when ya poppin' at Bone/ And ya'll know, we do this for a livin' even if we don't get paid, we still be out here trippin'/ Cause that's the Thugs way, and if ya got a problem I suggest you walk on/ Money, money, money (Money, money) is all I'm really on/ Scandalous, rough and rugged is how I like it/ Nine milimeter tuckin' and you don't wanna try it/ This is how a thug gets down/ You heard, you heard act like you know when ya come around, around

-Chorus-Bizzy & Wish-

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