Martina McBride

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That's Me

There's a photo in an album
He don't notice anymore
That's me, that's me

There's a stack of cards and letters
Buried deep inside a drawer
That's me, that's me

And the shirt that I once slept in
Hanging loose behind the door
Tossed aside so carelessly
That's me, oh, that's me

There's a picture in my wallet
And one less faded in my mind
That's him, that's him

There's a name that always haunts me
And it slips from time to time
That's him, that's him

There's a yearning that I feel
In my heart and in my soul
An old flame that'll never dim
That's him, I know that's him

(That's me)
Hangin' on to the end
(That's me)
Starting all over again
(That's love)
Oh, that's the way it goes

There's a woman in the chapel
In the back row by herself
That's me, that's me

And a man at the altar says
"I do", to someone else
That's him, that's him

As the wedding party leaves
Throwing rice and wishing well
A single tear falls silently
That's me, oh Lord, that's me

Oh, that's me
That's me

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