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The Anti-club Lyrics

feat. Trademark the Skydiver

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[Verse 1 - Curren$y]
Sober flow, I ain't smokin five days
but i'ma burn this beat and leave it in a ashtray
Yo Joey, give me a light, so I can see where I'm goin
These niggas actin like hoes and these hoes is actin like niggas I'm like "Whyyy?"
Figured I could go without an answer, like Philadelphia 76ers without Ive
Spitta spittin, he from the city of killers
but don't got a mean bone in his body
Pussy-ass niggas keep on tryin to bring it out me
so I'ma have to call my guys in
That's a bigger network, never risin, all of em kamikaze
Homie you don't believe me, you can try me
Crash and burn, long as they take you with them, now is a completed mission
And I could give a fuck about who on television if it ain't my team
Give a fuck how much you spendin if it ain't my green
Give a fuck about you bitchin, you treated like a queen, y'all niggas is obscene
Night life, New Orleans is my scene, even if I'm not seen, motherfucka
Spitta, I write a rhyme and that man not be, what you call gangsta, but it's my life
You niggas is livin lives, Santa Claus (?) in your stock in
Hearin that shit that you droppin, but it was not that nice
Both hands is broken, you can't write, better hire a ghost
Spitta got money to burn, turn bread to toast
Chemical flow, I turn crack back to coke
Melly, yo, give me a light
Who's givin them niggas fashion advice?
These niggas dressin like bitches, these bitches dressin like niggas
Don't know the homie a homie or he a dyke
Look twice, shorty might be a guy, hail day for real
But the same intensity that a dog chasin a mailman, that's how i'm a chase this mill
Don't like paper so I won't take that deal
Spitta nigga, I write a rhyme

[Verse 2 - Trademark the Skydiver]
The plane is emotion, fly FS-1 is approachin
Movin in the speed of Jet proportion
Top Gun's la costra nostra, we so focused, nigga,
Testarossas, new roadsters
House on the beach, wake up see the ocean
Kush keep me chokin, Trade for the roaches
(?) with a cars, (?) of the fortress
Sky dive, I glide over the surface
Fly by in the sky, quicker than Silver Surfer
Only land when lambs is being purchased
a cane man, you tell from the Porsches
Swang is so ferocious, you can hear it in verses
Whip game torture, pimp game horse em
I ain't jumped from the porch, I kick-flipped of it
Ollied over coffins, manual through corpses
Tried to get abortion, turn rashes in the fortunes
Chalked up losses, sway from the vultures
Hooked up with bosses, that specialize at sources
Hit em up on a (?), don't give a fuck what it's costin
I'm good in any hood (?)
I'm in the H, blowin trees, gettin the stress above me

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