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The Bible Lyrics

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I came in the game i was young as hell,hard headed so u know i was dumb as hell real nigga in this bitch so its like im fucking. Girl ask me if i love her only rap that im loving no chick get my heart only moms that im huggin auntie and grandma and i love my cousin niggas act like they got me but they aint got shit if i die then they know they tried to fuck my bitch only a few legends finna see my funeral casket. If i die burn my soul with the funeral ashes. The bible is rap and the verses is scripture, when i rap i spit red thats the virgin temple. Man i pray everyday thats a lie in itself. But i thank god for me not money and wealth . Man the real nomads ask for family and health, last time i seen pain is when i looked at myself. Man this shit was so deep i was flooded with water, playin with the death trap in the form of a daughter. Want a full court game but i gave them a quarter, As i turn the first page as im reading the bible, Lil B in the form man his presence is idle. U can think im talking mess but the message is vital. If u wanna save the earth go and recycle. Young nigga from the block and i handle the business, turning to the next page the as lord is my witness. If heat do dis crime than im smoking the witness. U try to run from me u not helping my fitness, and i know im with this shit cause my grind is relentless. No its never been a match so i couldnt be tennis, and its money over bitch so it couldnt be women. Niggas dont understand that my mind is blasted, and my bible is gonna close when my heart is active. Yea and my mind is blasted and my bible gonna close when my heart is active. The day lead to wind and my vision is in, U aint seen based god cause the vision in him. Based starts from my pen as im touching my zen. As im feelings like the miss fill me in with the bliss. Cats have nine lives so im living for hits, as i swim in the ocean god gave me a kiss. So im writing from the journal, Base flow nocturnal But i live in day light so god will burn u. Whole lot of essay im the one whose Cornel. Triple six on my dick im the devil eternal. represent the sun flower cause it mean im growing, grew up in the soil so my roots is golden. Plant life based is when u dont eat meat, Im plant based with the rap u dont want no beef nigga. Yea i can talk those streets cause i never left the block i can walk those streets,more dudes like to talk that heat but find out in the rain they dont taste that sweet

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