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The Boys From Alabama Lyrics

from The Dirty South

"The Boys From Alabama" is track #7 on the album The Dirty South. It was written by Patterson Hood.
"The Boys From Alabama" is track #7 on the album The Dirty South. It was written by Patterson Hood.
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We gonna take you up to McMary county Tennessee
Back in the days when Sheriff Buford
Busted around things around there
Sheriff Buford Pusser
Was tryin to clean up McMary county Tennessee
From all them boot leggers that was bringin' crime and corruption
And illegal liquor into this little dry county
And for his troubles he got ambushed
And his wife was murdered and his house got blown up
And they made a movie about it called, "Walking tall"
This is the other side of that story

Well, they caught you smokin' grass
And the judge threw the book
And I saw a little opportunism in your look
You can take it from me, boy
Take it from a crook
We got friends on the inside
And friends on the outside
They'll sneak up beside you
So keep on their good side

I can see you standin' there
Starin' down at your shoes
Thinkin' 'bout your mom and dad
And wonderin' what to do
Well you best look inside yourself, boy
We're all watchin' you
We got friends in jail
Who can see you through
Boy, don't forget no matter what you do

Don't piss off the boys from Alabama
You know we won't let it slide
Well, they might find your body in the Tennessee river
Or they might not find it at all
And there'll be no place to run and hide
And your family ain't safe at all
So don't piss off the boys from Alabama
We're keepin' an eye on you
Were're keepin' an eye on you

Don't piss off the boys from Alabama
You better take it like a man
Ain't nobody gonna stick anythin' up your ass
If you remember who your friends are
We got good help down in Franklin county
They'll hunt you like a dog
You can take your fall or lose it all
The choice is up to you
I wouldn't piss off the boys from Alabama
If I was you
If I was you


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