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The Don Lyrics

"The Don" was written by Dewese, Mohandas.
"The Don" was written by Dewese, Mohandas.

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I'm The Don, armed and dangerous
With a mic I'm like ordain
I just make a wish, it becomes a command
The rhyme family is my fans

My territory spans from New York to Hollywood
The whole country's my neighborhood
I extort fans support with rhymes that taught lessons
And caught the ears of listeners as they enlist
In the hip hop mob on the job, stop dissin' us

No drugs at all, we don't steal or rob
We just get paid in the Moe Dee mob
I demand fans family loyalty, tour support and record royalties
Whenever a band tries to take my fans, I put out a hit, understand

I'm The Don, started out in the parks
As a hit man killin' with the rhymes that sparks
A mic sparks of light turns dark to light
Freezes emcees and they drop the mic

Hit the deck, you know what this is
Don't nobody move and I mean biz
One dumb hero tried to step
So I pulled out my mic and rhymed him to death

Other emcees wouldn't put me on
So I took over, now they're gone
I made the connections got paid protection
Fees from emcees and no late collections

Take no shorts up front on the double
You ain't got it, you got trouble
I'll pull out a mic and rhyme the bust
Hum, another one bites the dust

With the ladies, I'm ain't just a don
Infact I'm more like a Don Juan
Pull ladies in bunches
Break my heart, I roll with the punches

Write 'em off like a tax no respect
You ain't down, next
'Cause I'm like a hard core Casanova
Cross me once, girlfriend you're over

Outta here quick as a jet no sweat
It's no limit to the girls I get
No time for games, make no mistakes
Dis me you're done, that's the brakes

One conversation and my point's across
You don't like me, it's your loss
Spread the news, I get rave reviews
I'll make you an offer you can't refuse

I'm The Don, takes control of the action
Without question and who's askin'
A takeover's now in effect
A world tour to make my connect

The R&B radio family supports me
We'll put a hit out on Top 40
Video families B E T
We'll put a hit on MTV

Store reports and the Billboard charts
Work hand in hand with the local jocks
As hit men for hire personal hit men
Makin' the hits from the very first shipment

Red and Chuck and the fans that love me
Mr. Magic and my man Buggsy
The hottest DJ's in every town, is down with The Don

A sucker emcee in a second I'll dis
With a flick of the wrist, he'll kiss my fist
Tip his hat and bend and bow
How ya like me now?

The OK Coral and the Wild Wild West
Is recreated when put to the test
Sparks will fly like the 4th of July
My name in flames will light the sky

Other rappers go down tryin' to confront me
You know where to find me whenever you want me
But think real hard before you step
And remember, I'm a vet

Runnin' the yard ever since grade school
Never played cool, but always stayed cool
Before you think about steppin' I already saw ya
Step off boy, I got somethin' for ya


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