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The Noodle Story Lyrics

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Oscar: Let me see. So far, we've done A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M.
That's enough! Let's go home!
Big Bird: Gosh, Oscar! We've got lots of letters to go. The next one is "N". So now I shall tell a story that's filled with words that start with the letter "N".
Oscar: I don't wan't to hear it.
Big Bird: Gosh, Oscar! Don't you want to hear all those "N" words with the great "nn" sound?
Oscar: No!
Big Bird: Right! "No" is an "N" word.
Oscar: Ugh!
Big Bird: Now, see if you can hear some others, Oscar.
Once upon a time, there were nine naughty noodles.
Oscar: Nine naughty noodles?
Big Bird: Sure. Now these nine naughty noodles lived in a nest.
And their names were Ned, Nat, Norman, Nathaniel, Nelly, Nan, Nancy, Norma, and Naomi.
Oscar: Oh no.
Big Bird: Now one day, Nora moved into the neighborhood.
Oscar: Nora? Another noodle I suppose.
Big Bird: (laughs) No. Nora was a nectarine.
Oscar: Naturally.
Big Bird: For Nora, the noodles learned not to be naughty but nice.
Oscar: Doesn't this story ever come to an end?
Big Bird: Ah, you want this story to come to an end?
Oscar: I sure do.
Big Bird: O.K. One day, Nora and the noodles went for a walk and found a great huge letter "N" carved at a stone.
Oscar: So?
Big Bird: So (giggles) you wanted the story to come to an end.
Oscar: Oh no, no, no, no.

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