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The Rhyming Game Lyrics

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Bert: (reading an oatmeal recipe book, "Cooking With Oatmeal")
"You take four cups of oatmeal...two pitted mangoes..."
Ernie: "Hey Bert!"
B: "...buttermilk..."
E: "Hey Bert! It's time for the rhyming game Bert!"
B: "Oh, no Ernie, thanks, I don't want to play a game, I'm reading my book."
E: "Oh, but you'll love this game, Bert! See all you have to do is, you say something, and then I'll say something that rhymes with what you just said!"
B: "Uh-huh, yeah, but I really don't want to play a game."
E: "Maybe not Bert, but we'll do it all the same!
You see that, you said game and I said same, and game and same both rhyme!"
B: "Yeah, uh-uh, rhyme, I know. But Ernie, it's just not what I want to do."
E: "Wiggle your finger, and waggle your shoe!"
(drums start)
B: "Uh, Ernie, I'd much rather sit and read my book."
E: "With ears you hear, and with eyes you look!'
B: "Now come on Ernie, cut this out."
E: "Easy old buddy, no need to shout!"
B: "I don't want to play a game with rhymes!"
E: "Nice going Bert, oh ring my chimes!"
B: "I don't wanna do it!"
E: "There's really nothing to it!"
B: "It's so silly."
E: "A boy named Billy."
B: "Stop it, please!"
E: "A dog has fleas!"
B: "Oh!"
E: "Mow!"
B: "Ernie, please this has got to stop!"
E: "Some people like to jump and hop!"
B: "I don't wanna do it (Ernie interrupts)any more."
E: "What what hmmm?" (I like this part because here Jim H. messed up and they were able to recover wonderfully)
B: "What what hmmm?! I don't want to do it anymore!"
E: "Oh. One and two and three and four."
B: "Ernie!"
E: "Bernie!"
B: "Stop it!"
E: "Mop it!"
B: "Stop!"
E: "Flop!"
B: "No!"
E: "Flow!"
B: "Mmmmmmm....Hippopotamus!
E: "Ahhhhh...rhipototopus!"
B: "Egh! Alright, alright! I give up!"
E: "Eat from a plate and drink from a cup!"
B: "I guess I'll just have to play along."
E: "It plays like a game and sings like a song!"
B: "You may be right, I may be wrong."
E: "A clock goes tick and a bell goes bong."
B: "This game is really kinda kicky!"
E: "Sugar's sweet and glue is sticky."
B: "Yeah, water is wet and dust is dry!"
E: "Dogs gotta walk and birds gotta fly!"
B: "It's a great kind of game to play with a friend!"
E: "And now old buddy we've come to the end!"
(drums stop)
B: "Yah! You're right Ernie, that's a great game ... you" (still in rhythm)
E: "Ah...w-well Bert see, I think I'm gonna go read my book now, okay? Hmm hmm hmm..."
B: "...... Hey there lamp, that's a nice shade .... you .... it's not the same."

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