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Porcelain Raft
The Way In Lyrics

Advising people not to travel far
Is that for real? Oh baby listen now
You may have hurt me all this time and yet im here tonight

And if i feel something for you know, its all in my brain, it will go away somehow
I wish nothing more then what i have
I hope you could say the same

And i know that you talk to yourself at night
Do you feel better do you feel right
Theres no need to play games tonight

This is not a dream
This is for real
Bring what you have inside, out in the light.

Then she said that she had enough
Im looking at you oh baby listen now
I may need to go outside, the air feels so fresh tonight

And its the end of summer can you feel it now
The world is spinning faster somehow
There are things that can never be said aloud

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