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The Way Is Love

If I Could be the one to write the rules
I'd write the whole wide world to come back to the school
Where you learn who to lay the law
Without listening to the fools.

Who would break just to break
And take just to take
But together we can find another way
Like i feel for you.
A feeling that is true.
The Way Is Love.

Life is so much better
When the way is love
And every song's a good song
And everyone can sing along
The Way Is Love
An always understood song.

The Way Is Love
It's in the air tonight.
The Way Is Love makes everything alright
And the way is love.
The Way Is Love.

I Believe that you and me
We can see the way is love tonight.
And who knows maybe the truth can be learned by everyone with what we do can right the wrong because
Hearts listen become a part of every loving vision
The Way Is Love [x2].
The way of love tonight
The Way of love makes everything alright.
And you and I are part of
The way of love

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