The Way We Touch

[Verse 1]

I've got my hands around your neck, my lips up on your chest
You love it how I need you boy
Oh dare I say the rest
The people they can stare, I don't mind it, I don't care
As long as we together, we got love extraordinaire
When we were by the ocean and you turned to me to say
Girl don't you ever go and try to change no matter what
Anybody says
If you could be my best friend, then I would build a home
Where the both of us can live alone, where you can grow into your own


You'd be the best that I ever hoped for
I love it how I can't resist the way you are
The way we touch
If we are a match, I'd give you everything I longed for
I love it how I can't resist the way you are
The way we touch

[Verse 2]

You got me on a hook, from the moment you said baby
If I faint from overheating, call the marshall Mr. Davy
I'm running out of breath, I feel it in my head
I can't go home without you boy
Let's hit the road to live!
If you would be my hero, then I would be your girl
You could have me anytime you want, even early in the morning sun
I only have my Chevy and the keys to my heart
Oh take me for a ride to the moon
I forget the world when I'm with you!

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