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Think I'm In Love Lyrics Lyrics

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baby boy will you just listen up for the tenth time.I'm getting rid of you just always slaking.I'm doing every thing for you Why don't you get your butt up an actually help.I'm think I'm sick with you. Chores)
I'm just so sick of you
why won't you just leave
take your money and your things.I don't really care about you so just leave.

Girl just give me another chance
I can make up for what i u really think i'm going to hurt you.Your my doll my girl but hey don't get a attitude here.


I don't really care what you say are do cause you better
just take your things and leave!I'm just so sick of you always slacking.What's with you can you at lease pack your bags cause your leaving right now!
I'm just so sick of you
why won't you just leave
take your money and things
i don't really care about you so just leave.


Baby boy I hope you heard me right.Cause you really need to get your ass up that couch right now.Just leave oh baby boy Yeah that right leave.Call a cab you are on your own.And no don't be calling me begging for my money you been that way for months

I can't belive what you're saying.Are you trying to dump me.Cause girl you can't get me back if that what you're saying.Cause I'm the player of player and once you lose me you know it's hard to get me back.You know you what me so stop playing your little games.


Boy you know that's right i'm dumping you right now.I'll never want a picae of trash like you.So for all that I care get your ass out the door.

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