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This Ain't What You Want Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
I got cuban links, Santa Ria
In the hood no shirt, no fear
Aaron Hernandez with a verse, no plea deals
Gave your bitch a new purse, new V12
It aint trickin' if you're worth more than Spreewell
Niggas snitches screenshot all your emails
Told them people now your hot
All your females, tracking devices on your car, all details
Youngins watching how I get it I delete em
I'm in my Bentley in my fitted lotta jewelry on
Nothing less than a brick but to each his own
Better ask them other niggas this ain't what you want

[Hook: Lil Durk]
Tell me what's it gon' be, this ain't what you want
I call it how I see it, so this ain't what you want
I'm on the road doing shows so well, this ain't what you want
Cause the road you can't go I know, this ain't what you want
I hear them niggas after me, this ain't what you want
And I guarantee this ain't what you want
I'm from the land where ain't no lackin' at, this ain't what you want
I wrap 'em up we get a dark car, this ain't what you want

[Verse 2: French Montana]
Rick the Ruler, spent 150 on a bueller
How you gon' rob the robber
How you gonna shoot the shooter
Niggas rappin' where the millions at nigga?
But them cars no ceilings at nigga
Niggas front where your killers at nigga?
LeBron James I ain't Trinidad nigga
Ridin' 300 with my nigga Durk
Coke boy niggas put you in a hearse
Chi town niggas put you on a shirt
NY I'm the one my nigga
You can hate don't frown my nigga
With Donald Trump in the trunk my nigga
Wanna buy a car nigga no lease
Number one hip hop police
Coke boys hotter than the whole East
Smash ...out like four weeks
This ain't what you want
I know them streets is watchin'
I'm bumpin' Hov where you from?

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[Verse 3: Lil Durk]
Niggas claim that they're after me, but this ain't what they want
Cause I hopped into this industry, this ain't what they want
See this rap shit ain't shit to me, this ain't what they want
I got the police all into me, this ain't what they want
In my own city they hate on me, put weight on me
Fuck TMZ, fuck Breaking News and ABC
I can't do no shows cause I terrify my city, they say I terrify my city
Niggas get slumped, you're the first to get blamed
A nigga try us, you're the first one to get changed
They say you snitch, tryna put dirt on my name
They rat on me, ask is Lil Durk my name (L's)

[Verse 4: Meek Mill]
Ladders on deck, this ain't what you want
Got killers in the back, got hitters in the front
If I tell my niggas wack, then niggas gettin' slumped
You ain't gotta have no .. to get hit with the pump
In my own city they hate on me, put weight on me
Try and snatch my chain, that's breaking news on NBC
Fuck a famous ho, I wake up be on TMZ
I spent a quarter mill, on my new Rol' that GMT
I got Baguet's on the wrist, flex on your bitch
Niggas can't keep up, send a jet for your bitch
Baby mama ready, she next on the list
Now time to get the paper, never flex on the strip, word up


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