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This Is It Lyrics

from Manifesto

"This Is It" is track #4 on the album Manifesto. It was written by Jason Hunter.
"This Is It" is track #4 on the album Manifesto. It was written by Jason Hunter.

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I came in the game, young nigga banging for fame
In the process, staking my claim
And I train like, Leonidas son, the fire and sun
The blood, sweat and tears, grinding for ones

Nearly died for it, cried for it, hustle and flow
Right from the seed, competing with my love for the dough
The hunger it burns, I wondered and yearned
They tried skipping my turn
This time, muthafuckas gon' learn

About the rap general, Rebel, I stack regular revenue
Globally local mogul, vocally soldier hold you
Dude faking and fronting, you just say that you want it
I'm the next Nike ad, greatness is nothing

Who run it, I'm coming, I can't, won't, don't stop blunted
'Til the dough stop coming, 'til the hoes stop stunting
Label it a rap, case closed, no discussion
I'm back to the block, got the whole spot dumbing

I hear plenty barking, got the semi sparking
It's my time, this is it, like I'm Kenny Loggins
Empty cartridge like Hannibal A-Team
Stop me, wake out your day dream

Stay out the way, please
Before you have me facing like eighteen
It's gotta be, then let it be
I'm straight in them state greens

I've been through it all, still stuck in the mud
Eating good, living right, still them fuckers a judge

Like a nigga can't get no greats, when I hit,
Make the bricks go ape 'cause I spit cocaine
And I'm leaning em, blue coats is beaming 'em
Rolling with the team and 'em
But really only few folks are seen with 'em

Y'all better mark my words
Before it's all set and done
I'm a stun y'all like Spock and Kirk
Honor the rep, UD's, Donnie and Fes
P.C. Fisk, Banga, straight body a set

I even the odds, I'm bleeding, I'm scarred
A nickel bag in the trunk, believe I'm involved
I'm on everything, 'cause I ain't feeling the job
Your boy Deck's a king, keep it realer than y'all

Or say keep it true, you watching like the streets'll do
Hip hop is falling apart, Deck, he's the glue
Haters get off me, you sinking my ship
Fixing your lips, yapping like you thinking he slip

I got a million niggas thinking he sick, a million kids
Thinking he rich, a million bitches think he the shit
You think it's a game, laugh when you leaking in pain
Speaking my pain, hater I'm the reason you came

Jason Hunter

Published by

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