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Thizzin Lyrics

from Money's My Movation

"Thizzin" is track #5 on the album Money's My Movation.
"Thizzin" is track #5 on the album Money's My Movation.

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Haha, You mother fuckers look fucked up now, haha.
You got your boys down south man, in the ATL man.
I'd a hooked up with my boy DJ Montay man.

*bunch of random shit back and forth between rappers*


I'm thizzin', i'm gone, off that motherfuckin' bottle Patron.
I'm high, so high, feelin' good make me touch the sky.

I'm feeling good nigga don't fuck with me. (x4)

****Refrain 1****

I'm in the club, feeling real good,
100 niggas whipped, throwin up they hood.
Stay poppin bottles, stay fuckin models.
Purp came in the club, yea thats my moto.

Man i'm rollin, man i'm gone, say:
"Mix that pineapple with that Patron"
Ice around my neck, you know i stay flossin'
need a bad bitch, give her two blue dolphins.

Damn she swimmin',?, back seat of the Hemi,
so im about to fuck, get some head with the seat layed back,
feelin' real good like im in a maybach. Maserati Coupe, S600,
off a triple stack and you know i stay blunted,
niggas stay stuntin' driving real fast, 80 on the freeway,
shake in the dash.


***Refrain 2***

I'm a married man, party hood rich, 9mm pimp thats a good bitch.
Finger fuck the hoe, make her bust a nut
The crowd ? ? scatter when i touch her ? and cut.
I'm so high, feelin real good, riding 26's nigga feelin' real hood.
365, 24/7 hustlin' never stop like 7/11
Crap on the dice, livin' that life, 13-5 got a chip on the white,
nigga got it hard, nigga got it soft,
king of the bay i'm a motherfuckin' boss.
Purp in my lungs, pill in my system,
hits me so hard everytime it in my system,
can he pop one? can he pop two?
Superman, Nike, dolphin, color blue.

****CHORUS**** (x2)

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