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Thug Life Lyrics

from Based Jam

"Thug Life" is track #7 on the album Based Jam.
"Thug Life" is track #7 on the album Based Jam.

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Intro: pussy, ima tell you i was a youngin growing up, it wasnt too many suckaz around. as the years went by, nevertheless.., more suckaz ima tell you this...i'd rather be wit one real muthafucka, than be wit a thousand bitches; a thousand suckaz.
Verse 1: bitch, i got something, to tell ya, riding round wit dope and im looking like a million. bitches on my dick, you can be a pretty bitch, bitch fuck yo money,, ima tell you bout the bitch! got this pussy on ME, i can pay the FEE, too many suckaz out i stay low KEY(swagswag). trappin with the mac, im a thug with the strap, Man these bitches on my dick, cuz i look like obama. with that muthafuckin choppa ima show you bout THIS. dope on my WRISTS with a paris hilton CHICK, too beef like munchies, going dumb in the functions....dont give a FUCK! i stay fuckin stuntin, i stay seven hundred....i need a pill to a hard pill to swallow..bitch i look like based God! bitch i still got the heater!(I LOOK GREAT!) might catch a fever! bitches at my house and im smoking a cohiba!!!
Verse 2: you was at the party! i was at the party! dope in the game, go looking at atari! hot girls told me that im based god, gnarly! bitches on my dick cuz i fuck em in they ass..bitch pay me straight cash...cuz i look so good. its that pretty boy music, fuck a bitch if you could...ima tell you whats good..whoadie..i be poppin pills...whoadie..I DUN MADE A MILL..whoadie..I KEEP IT REAL..whoadie... im like a teacher.. whoadie, im the man right now..bruh how you doin? nah lil just fine :) you can see the can see the space, its a DIRTY FUCKIN GAME. ALL THE GOONS KNOW MY NAME! im not the one, ima teach you with the not the biiiitchhh,(NOPE) im not the faaagettt (NOPE no, im not) this direct english,( yup, yes it is) pay me when you see this, sold out show a hundred grand for the feature!!!

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