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Together We'll Make Music Lyrics

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Herry Monster: Hi, we're here with our friend, Garth Brooks!
Assorted Monsters: Garth Brooks! Yeah! All right!
Herry: We're gonna sing a song together!
Assorted Monsters: Sing! Yeah!
Garth Brooks: Maybe we should start singing then, okay?
Assorted Monsters: Yeah! All right!
(they all start singing different songs loudly)
Garth Brooks: Whoa, whoa! No, no, no! I'm talking about all of us singing the same song, okay? Like, I'll lead and you'll follow kind of thing.
Assorted Monsters: All right, yeah.
Garth Brooks: Listen, it goes like this.
(music starts)
I'll sing a song
You'll sing along
I will lead
And you will follow
Like a game
Herry Monster (spoken): I get it, like follow the leader!
Garth Brooks: It's just the same
And together we'll make music
Assorted Monsters (spoken): All right, how do we play?
Garth Brooks (spoken): Well, it's simple, I'll sing and you guys copy.
Assorted Monsters (spoken): Copy! Copy! Okay!
Garth Brooks: Whoa, whoa
Monsters: Whoa, whoa
Garth Brooks: Laaa, laaa
Monsters: Laaa, laaa
Garth Brooks: Oh boy!
Monsters: Oh boy!
Garth Brooks: Ha, ha!
Monsters: Ha, ha!
Garth Brooks: Sing real high
Monsters: Sing real high
Garth Brooks: Way down low
Monsters: Way down low
All: And together we'll make music
Herry (spoken): Music, this is fun, I get it!
Monsters: You'll sing a song
Garth Brooks: I'll sing a song
Monsters: We'll sing along
Garth Brooks: You'll sing along
Monsters: You will lead
Garth Brooks: I will lead
Monsters: And I will follow
Garth Brooks: And you'll follow
I'll say "oooo"
Monsters: You'll say "ooooo"
Garth Brooks: You'll sing it too
Monsters: We'll sing it too
All: And together we'll make music
Garth Brooks: (spoken) Yeah! Now I don't know if you guys noticed but on that last time you guys were like kinda the leaders on this thing.
Assorted Monsters: (spoken) Leaders! Yeah!
Herry Monster: (spoken) Hey, this is great! Would you sing *anything* we sing?
Garth Brooks: (spoken) Well, sure, yeah, hey, why not?
Assorted Monsters: (spoken and overlapping Garth) Pretty please? Yeah!
Herry Monster: (spoken) Oh, boy, here we go!
Monsters: Whoa, whoa
Garth Brooks: Whoa, whoa
Monsters: Boom schacka-lack
Garth Brooks: Boom schacka-lack
Monsters: Sing, sing
Garth Brooks: Sing, sing
Monsters: Wokka-wokka-wok
Garth Brooks: Wokka-wokka-wok
Monsters: Sing real fast
Garth Brooks: Sing real fast
Monsters: Sing so slow
Garth Brooks: Sing so slow
All: Together we'll make music
Garth Brooks: Together
Monsters: Together
Garth Brooks: Together
All: We'll make music
Herry Monster (spoken to Garth): You do a mean boom-schacka-lack!
Purple Monster (spoken): I preferred his wokka-wokka-wokka!
(While the monsters all congratulate him he says, "What can I say?" and buffs his nails on his shirt.)

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