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Tropical Thunder Lyrics

feat. Young Money

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We the serve of the combination,and inspiriation to you pu**y a** ni**as,I just realized yall cant f*** wit me and yall never will b**** a** ni**as
Weezy F Baby,Weezy, haha! yah! I got them (sirin)sittin on them joe buttons in the corner straight jumpin B**** I cant hear nuthin but i might do da sittin on them tim duncans,and in tha lamborghini i do like duncans, a canarie bad b**** wit a pu**y mutherf*** em'but I just see dem drugs & just watch em' f*** eachother my neck was a hundred and my wrist was another it make a pu**y when I leave that b**** wit a puddle and my beats (sirin)I get D'ough no huddle my girl gettin straight di** no cuddle you know im out this world i just bought a space shuttle imma put some D's on dat b**** see these h*** startin to get like on my sh** have you seen her? who? Nina shes on my hip yellow white diamonds colored cheese on them grits you ni**as aint ballin you ni**as cant guard me 2 ni**as cant guard me you lookin at from tha side like spike in a garden I got the hardest ball just call me the (sirin)I brake a b**** down like Tanya Harden b**** im cold I cool off pop a fat like b**** Im Fly like a magic carpet and b**** im fresh like a pack of see imma take it in and bring it back to new orleans and b**** imma shine in the land of darkness and which imma grind until my snacks is I and im high and I dont NO I cant come down & everytime I see my girl outta town I put some D's on dat b**** Imma certified Gangsta, haters make me nauctious so money make me anxious listen how my words are poetic like dreads down my back like i come straight from kingston but I come from hollygrove 17 danger zone show me the C Notes I could sing a song T Top Coop lookin like a thong yo girl on my di** she treat it like a bone I Know I be gettin high as drone my eyes so low i look like im from hong kong boy I got more green then a b**** dat dont moan haha! ok im not a rookie imma pro magazine theme! make the homies say hoh and make all these ni**as scream imma vegetarian man I only eat wear alot of carrots and (sirin)I Like a bookbag so any money yall can get a allday ride all night sleep no way sleep when I lay 6 feet deep and until that day Imma be livin like it is that day yah! I keep holdin on b**** I been high b**** my been on if you dont like it I'll roll over and roll alone f*** you and the h*** that you rollin on so and is on look then the lane that you bowlin on if they aint told you im the sh** then they told you wrong b**** im bubblin like soda foam in a styrafoam.... Cup you know whats in my styrafoam WHAT?
S U R thats my car yup! vroom! im done!

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