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Turn Up Lyrics

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[Verse 1 - Ace Hood]
They told me "Where you getting money? Boy them niggas hate"
Taught to trust nobody other than my .38
Fuck a nigga, petty weight
It's just me and all this money I'll be okay
Hustle hard, each and every day
Thinking of a master plan, accumulating cake
Very rapid pace, motherfucker bang
IRS be watching, stash it in the safe
Never trust a nigga, even in his face
Catch him stealing from me, that's another case
Prices on your head, show up to your weight
Cold blooded killer, one more to the face
Don't nobody side, fuck who got away
Happy Meal clips, have a nice day
Money is the motive, nothing mediocre
Keep that pussy popping, like a canned soda
Let her ride the dick, come and be my chauffeur
Heavy money piles, I need a bulldozer
So keep away the hate, I can't stand the odor
I'm just getting started, Indy try and told them

[Chorus - Ace Hood]
They told me "Were you getting money? Boy them niggas hate"
Me and Ballgreezy get this shit by any way
Real niggas, fuck with us
We'll be bucking in this bitch until they come get us
Turn up
Turn up
Turn up
Turn up
Turn up
Turn up
I wish a nigga would
Turn up
Turn up
Turn up
Turn up
Turn up
Turn up
The whole hood want him

[Verse 2 - Ballgreezy]
Fuck the other side, bitch I'm going ham
Pocket full of bands, so rock your head, yeah!
Coconut, and it taste good, Ballgreezy and Ace Hood
Big pistols, and blowing reefer
Up in this bitch, because my face good
Me and my niggas make movies
Going down about my foolish
Hell naw, you can't hit the weed
Or make the drink, bitch keep it moving
Around here, it's G-code
Ask around, the streets know
Love fucking them freak hoes
With a fat ass and a deep throat
My outfit, is so shaw
My shoe game, is so hard
Stomp with the groupies
Sitting nigga that's your hoe job
The music all the way turned up
Rosay getting poured up
My cellphone keep blowing up
By the bad bitch that I'm going to fuck
My shades on, and they real dawg
My ice shining real hard
Niggas acting real hard, that beef shit, and we'll solve
Pop up with that loose shit, thinking that I ain't going to do shit
Thinking I ain't going to shoot shit
Won't give a fuck about who hit


[Verse 3 - Ace Hood]
Okay, I'm gone off of tequila
Hopping out of that Regal
24's on my whip
Toasting my neck colder than freezers
I'm turned up with my top down
Bad bitch and she turn around
Ass fat and I dick her down
Fuck her free like I'm sights or sounds
And bitch I'm heavy balling
Nicknamed Mister Spalding
Momma told me kill them, dead man walking
Riding with that reefer, rip through any carcass
It's We the Best forever, bitch I'm just now getting started
Hold up


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