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i'm a do something bad to ya
cause you a mother******* h**
I'll see you in the club in the middle of the flo I'm a tussle I'm a tussle I'm a tussle I'm a tussle I"m a tussle with ya h** you got ya N***** wit ha

hold up purple one let o tum invade the cut and lean on a n**** like the drank up in my cup everybody make room I'm bout to cave his chest in and make his i swell up to where his edge up begin tum a s*** starter tum always the blame aint never played sports therefore i don't play games you better ask these dudes i'm a rock a n**** a** if your chick pop off i'm a smack a monkey a** thats gasta ganstafied thats how we do it in the dirty and hit a wieny n**** with a combination flury left right right left i'm a hand hitter quitter make room in this b**** when d.s.r in it i'm a head up by the bar and get with bub after that hit vip and fire up some drugs
and the game i'm sowing up

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