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Upgrade Moves (t 10) Lyrics

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No Expected For What Was Not Needed- Top In The Rest Go Seek It - The Cloth - Go Secrete- The Moth Just Get Smashed- No Feeling - Whats Stronger Than Hash - That Deep Sleep With Mrs. Incubus- That Deep Sleep With Mr. Succumbs- Got Shit Backwards- Discover Shit Like Christopher- Where's My Some From Us- Just Like A Glitter Bug- Close To My Seagram- Looking Like It's Tint On Them Windows- Close Frost Like It Was Cold Outside Though - Thinking About Upgrading - The Finger - Real Close To The Lighter -While They Sleeping - Dont Wake Up Damn - Im Thinking Like A Nigga Should Know Where He Slept At - But Sometimes It's On Diff - Now The Clock Spoke To Me - Grabbed My Pin And Wrote For Me - Tried To Sit And Smoke With Me- I Guess The Time Wanna Change.

The Next Give And Take - The Shake When We Crate Up Like New Packages In The Semi Going To Another State- How We See Into The Breath Of The Sea - Fucking With Shit - It's Fucking With Me- I See In Your Reflection -That I See Into This Collection - Into That Drug Prescription - As It's Inscribed - And Glided - With The Bitches- And The Post How I Would Like To Collide With The Business- Like Flower Pedals - Flowing By A Womens Pussy Prism - I Sleep With Them - Like The Ground Sleep With Soil - The Boil Into The Foil - That Cant Go Into The Microwave - Then It's Engraved - Like A Slave Getting A Whopping - Black History - I Like White History - I Like Weed And Fucking Blunts- And I Like Stunts And Coming Over- I Like Jobs- And Riding In Rollers

Now That the Path Of The Glide Riding - Into My Fertility Clinic- Where I Make Kids- I Like The Fact That You Take Dick - Sorry Mah - I Didnt Mean To Disrespect- To My Recollect - It's What You Wanted- And It's Really What I Expect - And They Never Really Upset - Unless They Seam Upset - Damn It Sounds Like They Up Set To They Self- Why I Choose And Get My Health - I Like To Go Hard And Get Myself - Out Of Wrong Situation - You Can Take This As A Threat - I Wanna Too Place The Bet - And For That Bet - I Wont Forget - And Now That The Upgrade - Is Seaming Lavish - There- No Need To Fret Or Care- We Coming Like There Are Dinners And Reservation S In The Air- And The Next Club Meet - We Getting Jiggy Over There

The Flavor Of My Color Fits- The Way They Get Into The Cover Dids- And I See The Faculty - Like Some Other Things- And The Double Brings- And The Sink Could Be The Worse Way - Ducking Like U2k Time To Dial 999 Off In The U.K. - Aint Ready For The Prenump Of Just A Friend - You Probably Aint Ready For The Prenump On Marriage Neither- Close Seeking Neither - Close To The Drum Of a Muthafucking Nigga - I Ran Into The Hot Spot - Which Got Your Legs Closed - Not Opened Up - The Shut That The Promote - In The Cover Up - And Now That I Feel That Way - I Bet I Could Change For This Right Now Today

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