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Vince Is Back Script Part 1 Lyrics

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(Theme Song):Are you ready?Ohh i know you see me standing here, do i look good my dear do i look good today,oh oh oh,i'm just another kind of girl and you wanna see my world so come and run away,yeah,yeah,if you wanna play,come and play today let's just get away,yeah,i will make you see all of the things that you can be,believe in yourself and follow me yeah yeah yeah.

Director:Previously on Zoey 101.
(Girls Screaming)
Chase:There he is the great Vince Blake
Chase:Vince was taking pictures of the test that's cheating
Vince:You're the only person who knows,so if i get busted i know who to blame, right?You're picking up what i'm putting down.
(Chase looking nerveous)
1st football player:Just keep your mouth shut about Vince.
Vince:Told ya not to mess with me
Michael:Then you gotta mess with us too
(Vince chewing gum)
Quinn:I can't believe the Three of you took down the whole football team
Zoey:They just hit you guys?
Quinn:You poor guys

Zoey:Mmm,how awesome are these pikles
James:PCA deffinetly has the best pikles
Logan:What is a pikle anyway
James:It starts of life as a cucumber
Logan:And then
James:It's peburity and then it's a pikle
James:umm,I don't know just eat it!
Quinn:cucumbers become pikles when you soak them for few weeks in brine wich is very salty water
Zoey:So pikles are just a salty cucumber
Quinn:Basically,and you can pikle just about anything,umm,beets,eggs,Hairing tomatoes(looking at lola)
(Lola mixes salt with water)
Zoey:What are you doing?
Lola:I'm inventing(gets a frie and shows them) the pikle frie
(Water drops)
Logan:You're lame
Lola:You're dum
Quinn:Leave him alone
(logan makes a suspitious sign)
Zoey:Why are you defending Logan
(Logan looks woried)
Quinn:I'm not,Stupid Logan
(Eats crisps)
(Logan makes a smilie face)
(Quinn smiles back at logan)
Michael:Rock ya puppet,Rock ya puppet,Ko N 3,Rock ya puppet Rock ya Puppet,3 3
(Stops and sees Vince)
Vince:Hey i missed you
Vince:and i missed you to
(Michael drops ice-cream in slow motion)
Michael (In slow motion):No
Michael:Logan!Zoey!Lola!Quinn!he's back!
He's back,He's back Vince he's back at PCA
Someone:Oh my gosh
Zoey:Are you alright?
Logan:What happened?
Michael:Vince Blake is back

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