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Waiting at the station, waiting for the right moves
Waiting in the basement, waiting for the right cues
Waiting in a daydream, waiting in the slipstream

Waiting in the right bars, waiting in the right shoes
Waiting in a fast car, waiting in the airports
Waiting for my air-miles, waiting in slow motion
Coming through the turnstile

And if you ever change you mind
You know I'm not hard to find
And if you ever need someone
I'll still be waiting

Waiting with the orphans, waiting for the bee stings
They tell me that success brings, waiting in the half-light
Waiting through your whole life, waiting for an ideal, a low deal, a no deal
Play your stereotype, oh yeah

And if you ever find the time
You know I'm not far behind
And if you ever need someone
I'll still be waiting

Just waiting, for a friend

I said, "It's alright"
It's alright, my friend
Yeah, it's alright

Just waiting

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