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Warrior, Pt2 Lyrics

feat. Eminem & Nate Dogg

from The Hunger for More

"Warrior, Pt2" is track #14 on the album The Hunger for More. It was written by Lloyd, Christopher Charles / Mathers, Marshall B. Iii / Resto, Luis Edgardo / King, S. / Hale, Nathaniel D. / Jackson, Curtis James.
"Warrior, Pt2" is track #14 on the album The Hunger for More. It was written by Lloyd, Christopher Charles / Mathers, Marshall B. Iii / Resto, Luis Edgardo / King, S. / Hale, Nathaniel D. / Jackson, Curtis James.

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[Intro - Eminem]
Lloyd Banks!

[Verse 1 - Eminem]
It's like a throne that he don't even own
He won't sit down, give him a crown, he just throws it around
It's like a joke, he's like a king, but he don't do a thing
He don't want the diamonds, want the gold, don't want the jewelry
He don't want the fame. don't want the loot, he's in this for the sport
Running circles around his competition on the court
He appreciates your support, but he ain't begging for it
And you can love, it you can hate it, but you can't ignore it
You can't be that ignorant
But you can try to sell him short
But you can't fuck with his last joint, or the one before it
And he was going to raise hell like them country boys
And if I'm fronting then you better come confront me for it

[Chorus - Nate Dogg]
This is the story of a warrior and now you know It
True warriors go ahead make some noise
It ain't healthy to be making niggas paranoid
Hit your corner with my weapon I dont need my boys
I'm doing 120 in the fast lane
Kick back, just relax, let me do my thing
Don't give a fuck about you suckers gotta maintain
Money, power, and respect in this rap game

[Verse 2 - Lloyd Banks]
He's straight out of a neighborhood where niggas hate
They see you go, and eat your dinner off a bigger plate
Thier stomachs ache while he's lounging in a big estate
And he hops in a hundred thousands with a nigga's gate
House with just a bigger gate, hounding him's a big mistake
He wont surrender, he'll rather give up a rib to break
Because he remembers when they wouldn't lend a helping hand
Till he was sitting on green like a Celtic fan
Created a buzz
Till where you got to mention his name
When you discussing the illest player that's in the game
And he's riding with Em, 50 Cent, Doc and them
G-Unit records, ain't no motherfucking stopping them


[Verse 3 - 50 Cent]
He's no magician, man the kid makes something out of nothing
So now niggas from his hood act like he owe them something
They talk crazy till they send niggas in there to buck him
Ask him if there's a problem, and he'll say 'Nah, it's nothing'
He was going to help them out, but since they fronted, fuck them
He don't care how they feel, they can hate him or love him
He hold his own on his own, the kid is really thugging
He's rich now, he ain't change, so niggas think he's bugging
He bulletproof everything case niggas try and buck him
Keep two pistols on his hip, I show you where he tuck them
Niggas say they gone get at him, but they can't touch him
Try to catch them slipping, they creeping, he start busting


[Verse 4 - Nate Dogg]
I can give you niggas something you can talk about
I can turn your smile upside down
You ain't no G, you a fucking clown
I can take your girl till I turn her out
Don't hold it in, let it all out
I can give you fuckers something to be mad about
Invite her in send her back out
With my DNA all in her mouth


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