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Watch Ya Mouth Lyrics

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[Intro: Raekwon]
You know? (General, general) (Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang)
What up, yeah (Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang)
Suuuuuuuu, aiyo, man, the wait is over
Pop your fu*kin....

[Chorus 2X: Method Man, Raekwon]
You better, watch your, muthafu*kin' mouth
It's just wolves with beats
You clown n*ggas can't rule the streets, we send shot
Wu-Tang, we rule the east, taking over the block

Aiyo, aiyo, straight funky and polly, blue X 'liro
They lookin' for me, what the fu*k you behind me for?
Stressin' everything I breathe on
I'm from a boulevard where n*ggas get jabbed and peed on
Whatever homey, we more lavish
I might sneak you in the crib, see my lizards in grasses
You try to get me come-up on, yo
And when you see me, you know I got my come-up arm on
Cartier called me up, rob me
Yeah, we got your seed in the back of the Beemer, starving
We like lion killas, catch me on stage with the gauge in my right hand
Grenade in his leather bomber
I scalp money, you know we hungry and talk funny
Coffin ya'll corner rappers, don't ever walk up on me
I write with only a safe Malcolm
Jeans getting muddy from clap with him

[Masta Killa]
My first gun was a .32, right before *ugh*
Graduated to the .38, maybe a 9
I prefer the .45, stay live, techs held the crack gate in '88
AR spit from far, the best tenth, camouflage vet, reppin' the set
We on the east wing, Trini' ting, sexy bad
We up at Spring, with that thing thing
My crew strong, we take no search
Or your party done, you know how it run
Spray places, covered faces, beat cases
A big mouth will get your teeth knocked the fu*k out
Keep it ninja, take money, stay ninja
I injure, any muthafu*kin' contender

[Method Man]
Garbage, ya time's up, go finish them rhymes up
All my soldiers is lined up, my corners is crimed up
Niggas know where to find us, setting the grind up
Probably shoving them pies up, my rims is shined up
Wu, we on the rise up, spots supplied up
Plotting to get you wind up, box, then find her
Scratch, we got 'em sized up, and when the east is in the house
You, you, you, you, you
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[Ghostface Killah]
On the side of the projects, gray skully
Bubble 'lo goose, mack 11 tucked in front of the belt
Prestigious moves, I'm killin' 'em, hoes, I'm drillin' 'em
We like George Foreman out in the streets, we grillin' 'em
In the van, 45's and dealy's, ready to slam
A house arrest box is going off, Toney got grams
Got a bathtub full of white, lay it in like sand
Montana Tone about to blow, ya'll cowards like fans

[Inspectah Deck]
This is boulevard hard, larger than your black car
Camouflage rap guard, I stomp the yard
I.N.S. spit monster bars, split, long cigars
My click dodge, bitch, y'all are frauds
I get it in like, Tim off the glass, spreading my name
I'm like the Pres, sending men off to blast
What I spit, make 'em spend all they cash, I'm so Wu
So new, that I ain't rip off the tags

RZA done birthed us, some cursed us on purpose
I'm the Grouch, my mouth is a circus
Earner, plus a good learner, don't need the hood
All I needs a good burner, Nat Turner
Snake rat murderer, all I hear is turf talk
Back room's full of goons, with bullet wound birthmarks
From the first spark, you heard my response
(Wu-Tang) more exhaust, tomahawk, cruise missile, just launch

Bzzz, out the beehive, you dip and you dive
But you still can't survive, you can't see past five
Check the outlook, this is not in the book
You being dragged across the floor, round your jaw with my hook
Lyrical juks, five mil', the deal, off the books
Steve Rif' gave the nod, the Universal good look
Still spit poison venom, red monkey and Wu denim
Had honeydew suits, caramel sundae, all in 'em

Put my Clan in Da Front, reunite 'em
Make 'em all R.S.V.P., if they want it, we don't invite 'em
No beef, less talk and more action
You can roll as a whole, and they'll send you back in fractions
Break beat fanatic, with crates deep in attics
The Abbott pull out the 45, loop the static
I scroll through the menu then, roll to the venue
The dress code is armor, or get a hole up in you

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