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Water Oh My Puberty Lyrics

feat. Regardless Devon Victory

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Centerfolds getting actually - times on the Calvary - Im

14 years old there after me - Im fucking with me working
safety patrol jobs - cussing loud moms - weed smoking moms -

girls that let me touch em - they pussy felt divine - Im

walking a thin line - cause Im always saying I dont want

to get married - always talking about drugs - even if I

didnt use drugs - so what muthafucka - I was destined to

use the drugs - write about guns - even if I didnt have a

gun - blasting one of you bitches - traveling on you

bitches- sitting in schools with bitches - sex 14 - with

ten years olds damn - four years apart - will get you

ridding dick - the climbing tick - the rhyming stick

Chorus: singing male (strong)

Water oh my puberty 2X
Damn Im growing 4x

Verse 2:

Now Im staying away from my house - cause they called my

house - from the school - when I got suspended - I aint no

mutuafucka foul - bitch who choose - duck instead of

getting abused - middle school faker - porn movie sneaky

watching - Cinemax sneaky watching - I wanna see one of

them piece of ceman humans get naked - I wanna watch em -

Im muthafucking reckless- Im so damn Manish - god

controls me like fucking Spanish fly-


Water oh my puberty 2X
Damn Im growing 4x

Verse 3:

I had the shadow figure standing over me when I felt

asleep - even shaking out of sleep wrong - even scary

dreams wrong - even had A night light - even went with gay

shit once - even went with swimming lessons - even went

with churches - even went with spring water - even went

with girl dancing growing up - even freaking them

muthafuckas - even loved bologna

Even loved honey on an English muffin - without worry

about who broke - what the fuck yall promote - even had a

scurl - even had a Mohawk - and a bunch of good toys -

then got to puberty!


Water oh my puberty 2X
Damn Im growing 4x

(Made When Regardless Devon Was 14-15- And 16)

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