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Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boyz (Hold Up)

[Hook] (x2)
Hol up, we dem boyz
Hol up, we dem boyz
Hol up, hol up, hol up, we makin' noise
Hol up, hol up, we dem boyz

[Verse 1]
Hol up, hol up, hol up, pop a bottle
Hol up, hol up, hol up, if you suck and swallow
Smell that marijuana, they gon' follow
Throwin money on her like she won the lotto
Pussy must be serious
Scared of heights come face your fears
Do it just like Nicki go on n bend it over
Say she never smoked I turned her to a stoner
Young nigga but I'm ready
Oh, foreign girls call me sexy
And white girls gimme becky
But first I gotta roll this joint (?) Hol up, hol up

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 2]
Hol up, hol up, hol up, you drive me crazy
Number 1, bitch you can't replace
Leave the club these hoes be tryin to chase me
You got a ass so fat lets make a baby
Damn, Im smokin weed in my mercedes
Hol up, these niggas broke, these niggas lazy
Man they money slim, they actin shady
Im in my brand new car, who wanna race?
Ho, ? so why you showin up?
Im takin them shots all my niggas stay loaded up
Man on the low all these hoes be actin so material
Hol up, man did you see her interior

[Hook] (x2)

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