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Welcome to Five Two's Lyrics

from It's Pronounced Five Two

"Welcome to Five Two's" is track #1 on the album It's Pronounced Five Two.
"Welcome to Five Two's" is track #1 on the album It's Pronounced Five Two.

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Hello, welcome to kj five twos records, can i take your order?
Yea, i'd like to get a triple double,double triple,
Uh, s'causee me sir,
With triple side-a-fries, hold the pickles,
Uh, sir we dont offer...
No onion,
And a milkshake on the superzize,
Sir your not listening me sir,
And make sure you make that double triple,
Sir, this is a cd, this is an album,
we offer music, this is not a food place,
So i cant get a triple double,double?
No sir, so you can get 74 minutes of funky, funky music if you like,
Well can i get a back in date?
Yes sir we do have that,
Maybe dear slim pt.2?
Yes sir, we do have that. Would you like a supersize?
How about a rock on?
actually, we are all out,
Your out of them?
No were all out of them right now,
Well can i get a intro then?
Well here you sir, Ha, Ha, ha.
Thats right, Im back.
Three records, what cha gonna do now?
Years later ands its still, J-J-J Jesus.
it hasn't changed. Still every day, still just, J-J-J jesus.
That's right, Its kj-52. Its pronounced Five Two!
And its still just, J-J-J Jesus.
Nothin else, J-J-J uh J-J uh Jesus.
And i dont care what you say its still just,
J-J-J Jesus,
Dont cha ever forget that.
Uh J-J-J uh J-j uh Jesus!

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