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What? Lyrics

from Prevolver

"What?" is track #11 on the album Prevolver.
"What?" is track #11 on the album Prevolver.

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Hey (hey), Pizzle! (pizzle), what's happenin', baby?
Young Fire! What? (what?), What? (what?), let's go in together people!
Verse 1:
Welcome to the Thriller in Manilla, the Rumble in the Jungle,
Quarterback Pain goin' hard in the tunnel,
Pass me the ball it's guaranteed I won't fumble
but the nine'll make you stop, drop, roll, flip, tumble
(I ain't playin' with these niggas!), man I thought that he heard
My flow game stupid, somebody come talk to these nerds
And I ain't talkin' 'bout Chad, but I'm so Farrell [for real]
Got bitches lined up in front of the sofa tail (?)
I get the, Beverly Center to the Louis outlet,
the shoes I'm comin' out with ain't even comin' out yet,
If I take her to the room, I bet she comin' out wet,
Besides me, ain't nothin' come outta her mouth yet! Hey!
This is not a game and I can't stress it enough,
Most of you mothafuckas should be arrested and cuffed,
just for testin' my nuts, man I be busier than a bitch,
I ain't got time for all these questions and stuff, what!?
What!? [3x]
Verse 2:
So many people in my pocket but they scared of what they gon' find (find),
One more hook I have a Bugatti in no time (time),
Big ass chain'll make these lame niggas go blind,
somebody get swizzled (?) and tell these bitches it's showtime, aaooh!
I'm too sweet you'll get cavities in your mouthpiece (piece),
and Nappy Boy is the candy shop in the southeast,
you niggas got pull but none of y'all can out-clout me,
I tell the truth so you ain't gotta make up shit about me! Aah!
I pull more hoes [hose] than a fireman,
Pussy nigga say it from ya' chest and quit sayin' it from ya' diaphragm (damn!),
I keep shades on (yeah!), and I see these invisible niggas
man I might just need a fuckin' eye exam! yeah!
Twenty niggas in the back of a Buick Endeavor (deavor),
Keep goin' at like I did, and you'll truly be better 'cause now I can text forever (yeah!),
My kids' kids good (good), so when I'm on my death bed I know I did good
What!? [3x]
Wh-what?! (Wh-what?!) [2x]
What! (Wh-What?!)

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