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What's Going On Lyrics

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[D.O.E. - Verse 1]
when the mic pop up im standing on up
my rhymeing skills kill im about to erupt
but when time proceeds i gotta do my deeds
that is spit the truth and it aint gone to be smooth
im a explode of the roof throw ya around in a loop
then im a ball you up and shoot you through a hoop
thats how i get down im a rap circles around these clowns
when i hit the towns the areans be shut down im a
give these fake rappers a pound then im a head down town and im a steal the kings crown im always home bound im like
a picther on a mound im fixen to thorw some boes and stomp on yo toes
the mack is back and im rad im a push on you just a tad
hit u down with a bat shoot you up with a gat u's a snitch
and a rat plus a bitch oh hell no here we go again
im already at cha home mutha fucka its on me n bow
gone bring the crome to ya dome hold on up this rap isnt
done or up im down for da A.L. and thats whats up im a bump my own musik ya still pushin a buick plus all yall rhymes reak smell like the shit from last week but when im in a whip i stain the leak ya know how we get down this yo boy doe holla at me fam.

[Juicy J - Verse 2]
The Three 6 is back
so bump this shit and put it back on the rack
we be ridin in the better caddilacs wit da candy
on them and the candy rims that a make ya limp this
yo boy juicy juciy J and i aint playin with no bitch
we gone flip her in a ditch and call it a night tip
hoe sucked on my dick and i aint payin for no rent

[Crunchy Black - Verse 3]
I was clean now im a beam
im a jump off like ima flea
im back boy holla at ya

[Dj Paul - Chorus]
whats going on hoe x3

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