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What's The Deal Lyrics

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Rap hustling nigga, what, DA what
Classic shit, know Im saying uh feel me
Gotta get it how I live man, straight up
Its the only way nigga, check out uh what

(Verse 1)
Whats the deal how ya feel, have a drank and chill
DA displaying skills, gotta get how I live
Its real time to shine, cause I got it on my mind
Leave these playa haters behind, stay focused on my grind
Niggaz want something for free, but they wont get it from me
Fuck watching TV, better be all you can be
Look at me a G, out the Penitentary
Did my time didnt wine, back hustling in the streets
Still roll with my heat, cause haters love to beef
Nigga might think Im weak, gotta knock him off his feet
No surrender no retreat, working like a slave nigga
DA a made nigga, certified grave digger
Gotta be a paid nigga, watch me draw a picture
When they hear you getting richer, yo they come to get ya
Grab my bible read a scripture, get me some game
For some its hard to maintain, cause they not using they brain
They blame me Im striving, DA surviving
Put my mama in a home, watch her start smiling
Mouth full of diamonds, Im coming my nigga
Bank account large amounts, yeah Im coming my nigga
Trunk humming my nigga, stay stunning my nigga
Might see me in the mix, with your woman my nigga
I aint running my nigga, Im too bold for that
Too old for that, too cold for that
I aint running my nigga, Im too bold for that
Too old for that, too cold for that
I aint running my nigga, Im too bold for that
Too old for that, too cold for that
Too thoed for that, nigga yo bitch chose me
You didnt know how to get her, now she rolling with a G
When will niggaz see, that these hoes aint shit
I got flows to spit, much do to get
Yeah Im balling in the mix, staying real with my click
What you see is what you get, this is serious shit
Got models to hit, flood the streets with bricks
Hit lick after lick, FEDS wont find shit

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