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Where You Are ( Mj Tribute) Lyrics

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50 Cent Intro-
I'm number one.. Yeah..

50 Cent Verse-
They say i ain't lyrical, they say i ain't a miracle
I say some hard shit so they say i ain't spiritual
They act like they know God better than me
I know God Allah he used to pump crack up the street
Allah O Akbar clap him run through your back yard
Let the Mack off tear half off your back off
This is my block, my spot, i am here
I'm a Southside nigga till the bone, get that clear
Now i got a better hustle so i'm gettin' better bread
Buy my bitches better shit so they gimme better head
You thinkin' about gettin' down with me yeah you better kid
Where the fuck you gon' get a job you a predicate
Felon, it's back to crack sellin'
Nigga get caught tellin' the show crack the melon
I told you i blow now you see it to believe it
My head gassed up man i'm so conceded
Nigga you ain't never gonna see me in the hod
Motherfuck that shit nigga i'm too good
Run tell niggaz 50's bougie
You don't buy his CD's and don't go see his movies (fuck that..)
He don't act like he used to in Juve'
He was on the medication that nigga there loony

50 Cent Bridge-
Can it be i been away too long (Ohhhh..!!)
I mean way too long

Michael Jackson (50 Cent)-
Can it be I stayed away too long (I been away man..)
Did I leave your mind when I was gone (Did you forget me?)
It's not my thing trying to get back (I'm back baby i'm back..)
But this time let me tell you where I'm at (Well i'm in Southside)
You don't have to worry 'cause I'm coming (Haha!)
Back to where I should have always stayed
And now I've heard the maybe to your story (This is that shit right here..)
And it's enough love for me to stay (Ahhhhhhh...!!!)

Can it be I stayed away too long
Did I leave your mind when I was gone (I'ma ask you again did you forget about me?)
It's not my thing trying to get back
But this time let me tell you where I'm at (Southside!)

I wanna, wanna be where you are
Anywhere you are
I wanna, wanna be where you are
Everywhere you are (I said i wanna be where you are, Ahhhhhh...!!)

Please don't close the door to our future (We gettin' ready to get into somethin..!)
There's so many things we haven't tried (We gettin' ready to get into some shit..)
I could love you better than I used to (I jus' gotta loosen up cause i'm nervous..)
And give you all the love I have inside (I'm nervous..)

50 Cent Outro-
Now this is all i needed so i can relax
I'm home now.. Ma i'm home..

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